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#Cover Reveal - Bound To You by @ARDeClerck #scifi #romance

Title: Bound to You                                              
By: AR DeClerck

Jackson Baine is a man with a gift, and he has never had a problem with selling it to the highest bidder. His newest job is with one of the biggest terraforming companies in the universe, and the money he stands to make will allow him and his crew to retire on any planet in any galaxy they choose. His biggest problem: Ferrell Terraforming has assigned him a company liason to see to his needs and protect their interests. But that’s not his only problem. Lia Bernardi is smart, beautiful and strong, and she entices Jacks in a way no other woman ever has. She is a distraction he cannot afford on the surface.
Anatolia Bernardi is ready to climb the corporate ladder, get out from under her egotistical boss, and impress her overbearing father. All she has to do is turn one dead, empty planet into an oasis. Her company says Jacks Baine is the key, and it’s her job to make sure he’s productive and happy. Both of which, she soon learns, are harder than she’d thought they’d be. For some reason Jacks can get under her skin and break down every wall she’s constructed between herself and the world.
On the surface of a long-dead planet Jacks and Lia will be forced to face the startling realization that the past never really goes away.

Author Bio:
AR DeClerck lives in the Quad Cities, IL. She is a wife and mother of two daughters. She has two dogs and a cat, and always has her nose in a book. She’s either reading one, or writing one. She writes romance in many sub-genres, and has always had a soft spot for sci-fi romance. She credits her love of reading and writing to her mother, who always keeps a book handy.



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#ScienceFiction #Fantasy Saturday 78 - Cajun #Zombie Problems

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Hello, and welcome to another #sffsat snippet. I missed last week due to the death of my beloved smartphone just as my three monsters were home for the half term holidays - eep! So that was pretty much all my social media interaction out the window for nine days. O.o
So, last time I left you with a first kiss for my two adorable zombies. This time it's far less romantic. Knocked out cold during a supernatural squirmish, Luke has a rude awakening: a hungry gator attracted by the traditional aroma of zombie - rotting flesh!

I can hear the frogs. Above me, the moon is so fiercely white and full, it hurts my eyes. It's also jerking across the sky between the branches of the cypress like someone's hauling on the leash of a disobedient hound. I frown at it, and then realize it ain't the moon moving. It's me. Something's got a hold of my leg and is dragging me along.
Glancing down sets me yelling. A gator has my right ankle in its jaws as it pulls me down to the river. A small one as alligators go and probably why he hasn't dug himself a hole in the mud to hibernate. I guess he's planning to stick me under a log until I rot and tenderize a little more. But I ain't planning to end up in his stomach. Not when I might still be conscious all the way through digestion.
I twist and latch onto a nearby tree. I'm so slick with mud that sheer strength and bloody minded stubbornness are all that keep me clinging on. 

Gee, who'd be a zombie in swampy Louisiana?! If you enjoyed that, you can check out more by clicking on any of the links under the book cover at the top of this post. Also, today (28th February) is also the very last day to enter the Goodreads giveaway for a signed print edition of Restless In Peaceville (you can now buy the paperback from Amazon, or get a better deal direct from my publisher Lycaon Press or The Book Depository).

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Restless In Peaceville by Pippa Jay

Restless In Peaceville

by Pippa Jay

Giveaway ends February 28, 2015.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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In the meantime, please check out the other participants in this week's sffsat by clicking on the banner below. Enjoy!

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The Complete Underground Series by @jsubject #scifirom #99cents #boxset



Professional Bio-Short

Jessica E. Subject is the author of contemporary and science fiction romance, ranging from sweet to erotic. In her stories, you could meet clones, or a sexy alien or two. You may even be transported to another planet for a romantic rendezvous. You can find her at and on twitter @jsubject.

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Book Title: The Complete Underground Series
Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
Date Published: February 24, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-61333-784-4
Genre(s): Science Fiction Romance, Futuristic Romance, Dystopian Romance, GLBT Romance
Heat Rating: 4 flames - frequent love scenes  that are explicit and described using graphic and direct language
Page Count: 162

Buy Links


In the future…

The corporation Planet Core holds all of the power. They place restrictions on the lives of those living within their boundaries, including who they can love. And there is no escape.

Deception runs deep…

The rebel group, calling themselves The Underground, is disputing the corporation’s leadership. With the desire for freedom, they will fight.

And betrayal can come from anyone…

Will the rebels defeat Planet Core, or end up fighting for their lives?

Includes: Never Gonna Let You Go, Never Gonna Desert You, and Never Gonna Say Goodbye

Related Title: Rebels and Romance – print anthology of The Underground series


When the glide arrived at her stop, she stepped off with a swell of other riders. She crossed the asphalt road, once used for gas-powered vehicles, and took a deep breath. I’m finally home. Sliding her card to gain access to the secure building, her heart raced in anticipation. She needed to be with Erik, find out the truth, and reunite with the man she loved. However, her apartment door didn’t open.

“Access denied,” the robotic female voice rang out.

What? She tried again with the same result. Sliding the card faster or slower didn’t make a difference. She couldn’t get into her apartment building.

“Please vacate the area. Authorities have been notified.”

Calla’s stomach twisted. Her throat tightened. Was this Malock’s doing?

She pulled out her communicator and contacted the building manager. “Taylor, it’s Calla Jacobs. My card won’t work in the reader. Can you please open the door for me?”

He grimaced at her. “I’m sorry, Jacobs, but I’m under strict orders not to let you into the building. Your apartment has already been assigned to another employee, and your belongings were taken a week ago to Planet Core.” He disconnected, leaving her to stare at a blank screen.

A week ago? Malock had planned her demise before she’d even left for Airondelle? Tears threatened to fall. She wiped them away. With PC cameras all over the city, she imagined he watched her and laughed. She stood tall, not letting him get to her.

Although she had no possessions, no place to live, she could still live a happy life with Erik. But where was he if not at her apartment? After they’d decided to return to being friends, he’d moved to Planet Core claiming she would be too much of a temptation for him if they continued living together.

She dialed his communicator, hoping he’d be nearby. When he failed to answer, not once, but five times within ten minutes, Calla lost hope. Malock had ruined her as he’d threatened. She had nothing left. Her only option was to return home to her parents. A glide could get her there by nightfall.

She squashed that irrational thought. No! She’d rather live in the rumored underground cities than go crawling back to the two people who’d admitted they’d only had her to gain status in the business world. She couldn’t go back there. She’d rather take her chances and return to Planet Core.

Sirens hauled her back from her thoughts. A police hover bike flew past her and ground to a halt. Glancing in her direction, the officer pointed at her.

I haven’t done anything wrong!

When the bike circled toward her, she ran—her first instinct. Malock knew too many people, and he’d reminded his recruits every day when he’d dropped in on their training. She hadn’t realized how those words would affect her until  now.

The siren on the bike screamed behind her. She motioned to cross at the intersection where people and hover vehicles waited for the lights to change. But instead, she spun around the corner, hoping to throw off the officer. She peered over her shoulder to see if the bike followed her, and smacked into what felt like a brick wall. Landing on her ass, she stared up at the mountain of a man before her.

The guard from Planet Core.

She crab-walked backward across the concrete sidewalk. Hopping onto her feet, she fled back onto the main street. She traveled the way she’d come, unsure if anywhere would be safe. No one could escape the cameras.

Hurrying past her building, she spotted the hover bike reflected in its dark glass walls. The siren had been turned off, and the officer was almost on her. She scanned her surroundings for an escape route. Similar glass buildings lined the next few blocks, all owned by Planet Core. She couldn’t get into any of them now, and there was no place she could hide.

Her lungs ached from running. Maybe she should surrender. What then? I’ll be killed.

“Stop!” The officer on the bike rocketed in front of her.

At the same time, something grabbed her arm and yanked her into darkness. A cloth slammed over her mouth, muffling her cry. Shit! Things just went from bad to worse.


Never Gonna Let You Go:
“Her stories are so beautiful and hard to put down. But I must admit, this was my favorite one. Being I am a sucker for a good conspiracy, I was foaming at the mouth with this story.”
~ Offbeat Vagabond

Never Gonna Desert You:
“Never Gonna Desert You is a fast paced sci~fi romance that gives you pause and makes you think about what life might be like on Earth someday.”
~ Illustrious Illusions

Never Gonna Say Goodbye:
“I loved this story. Never Gonna Say Goodbye had a lot of heart, and engaged my emotions in a way that I wasn’t prepared for.”
~ Wicked Readings by Tawania 


Appearances  - Will be attending Romancing the Capital in April 2015

Commonly Asked Questions
·         What’s your book about?
The Underground series is about a group of rebels who band together to bring down the corporation, Planet Core, that runs the city. They are fighting for their freedom to live and love.
·         Where did you get the idea for this book?
The first story in the series, Never Gonna Let You Go, was inspired by a story I started in my high school Science Fiction English class. It’s changed a lot since the original, though. And Earth 2, a television show I watched as a kid may have inspired this story a bit, too.
·         What traits and other tidbits do you share with your main character?
That’s a difficult question. There are six main characters in this series, and I share different personality traits with each of them. Loyalty, and standing up for what I believe is right would be two main things I share with many of them.
·         Did any of your inspiration for this book originate in your real life experiences?
I wouldn’t say my own experiences, but the continuous fight I see many face for equality.
·         Does your book take place in a specific region that would make people take an interest?
The Underground series takes place in the future. While it is very different from our own world, there are some beliefs, flora, and fauna that resembles the way things are now.
·         Do you have another project in the works? If so, what is it?
I have several projects in the works at the moment. I’m writing an F/F space academy story (still untitled) for an anthology that will be out later this year. I’ve also started the third story in my Alien Next Door series, Alien Attraction, plan to finish Always Her Wingman, which I started last year, as well as write the first story in my Alien Generations series, a series about three different generations of female aliens living on Earth.

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#Cover Reveal - Zombie Girl: Dead Awakened #YA #dystopia

Today's the day - cover reveal for Zombie Girl: Dead Awakened, the first part of a YA dystopian romance trilogy. Woot! To see the cover, read some excerpts and find out a little more about my upcoming release from Lycaon Press on the 22nd April, please go visit my excellent hosts listed below. Enjoy!

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#Tuesday Teaser - Zombie Girl: Dead Awakened #YA #dystopia #zombies

With the cover reveal tomorrow (or you can get a sneak peek at it later today by signing up to my newsletter HERE), I thought I'd share a little excerpt from Zombie Girl: Dead Awakened with you today.

Connor crawled out of bed. He stank. He hadn't showered or changed in days. The only thing that got him up was the growling in his stomach, and the inability to sleep 24/7. The food replicator wouldn't give him alcohol or any kind of medication. Somehow the whole city conspired to keep him alive.
He shuffled into the kitchen and ordered a triple shot espresso. If he was going to be awake, he might as well do it properly. Cup in hand, he wandered out onto the rooftop and leaned against the balcony.
Then the call sign from the door downstairs buzzed and his heart jumped up his throat. What the hell? Connor held his breath, listening.
Only the wind through the city answered him.
He must have imagined it.
He really was going mad.
Then it buzzed again, unmistakable. He dropped his coffee and staggered toward the elevator, his legs stiff. Someone wanted to come in. Someone else must be alive. He wasn't alone!
The elevator didn't move fast enough. He willed it down with everything he had, tapping his fingers on the wall. What if the zombies got to them first? What if they gave up and left?
Connor barely gave the doors a chance to open before he forced himself through and rushed to the door. At the last instant, he hesitated and peered through the window first.
There was a zombie outside the window, staring in.

Zombie Girl: Dead Awakened is the first part of a YA dystopian trilogy, releasing 22nd April 2015 from Lycaon Press. Add it to your Goodreads TBR list HERE, or sign up to my newsletter or Amazon page for release day notification. 

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#Cover Reveal - Rebellion by @SabinePriestley #scifi #romance #sfrb

Ria Montori is no stranger to kicking ass. Despite her petite size, she’s a former Sandarian military officer currently serving the Cavacent clan and adjusting to life on a strange planet called Earth. She has no time to search for her psi-mate: the one being who could bring her pleasure beyond any mere physical intimacy. Which doesn’t explain why she’s bonding with a Curzan native who just killed a government official.

Ty Sordina hates Ria’s kind. The Sandarians enslaved his people, and murdered his parents in front him when he was a child. He has sought revenge ever since, and nothing will get in his way. Especially not a feisty redhead who challenges his every instinct, and calls to his psi like no other.

But there is a war coming. And the two beings who want nothing to do with each other hold the fate of an entire planet in the heat of their undeniable desire…
Sabine Priestley Sabine is a lifelong fan of Science Fiction and Romance novels. When the characters in the Alien Attachments series started talking to her, she had no choice but to write. They’re still talking and she’s still writing. Sabine lives in Florida with her husband, kids, cats, and a whole mess of characters in her head. 
 For more please visit

Available for pre-order now.  Amazon

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Jane Doe: The Day Before by @LianaBrooks #scifi #thriller #suspense


A body is found in the Alabama wilderness. The question is:
Is it a human corpse … or is it just a piece of discarded property?

Agent Samantha Rose has been exiled to a backwater assignment for the Commonwealth Bureau of Investigation, a death knell for her career. But then Sam catches a break—a murder—that could give her the boost she needs to get her life back on track. There's a snag, though: the body is a clone, and technically that means it's not a homicide. And yet, something about the body raises questions, not only for her, but for coroner Linsey Mackenzie.

The more they dig, the more they realize nothing about this case is what it seems … and for Sam, nothing about Mac is what it seems, either.

This case might be the way out for her, but that way could be in a bodybag.

A thrilling new mystery from Liana Brooks, The Day Before will have you looking over your shoulder and questioning what it means to be human.


Friday May 17th, 2069

Alabama District 3       

Commonwealth of North America

With an asthmatic wheeze the engine died. It figured. Stuck in a man’s craw, it did. This truck had been his daddy’s and his pappy’s, and before the Commonwealth government forced him to replace the diesel engine with the newfangled water doohickey, he was certain he’d pass the truck onto his son.
He’d been playing under the hood of trucks since he was six and now he was stranded. Embarrassing, that’s what it was. He climbed out of the cab to check the engine out of habit. The ice blue block of modern fuel efficiency stared back. Three hundred bucks it’d cost him, straight from his pocket.
Oh, there was a government subsidy, all right. A priority list. Major Population Centers, they said. Unite the countries of the Commonwealth on a timeline, they said. And what did all that mean?
It meant the damn Yankees got upgraded cities and free cars before the ink was dry on the Constitution and what about the little man? Nobody thought about the working class. No one cared about a man covered in oil and grease anymore.
He thumbed his cellphone on. No reception. Figured.
So much for the era of new prosperity. He’d hoof it. There was a little town about five miles down the road where he could call Ricky to bring a tow truck. It would have been cheaper to pay the diesel fines than get all this fixed.
Off schedule. Over budget. Son of a –
He stared at the distant trees. Well, it wasn’t going to get any cooler.
He grabbed his wallet and keys from the cab of his truck. The tree line looked like a good spot to answer a call from nature, then he’d see if there weren’t a shortcut through to town. A meadowlark sang. Not a bad day for a hike. Would’ve been better if it weren’t so dammed hot, but at least the humidity was low. He wouldn’t like to walk in a summer monsoon, not at his age with arthritis playing up.
Under a sprawling oak he unzipped his pants. As an afterthought, he glanced down to make sure he wouldn’t stir up a hill of fire ants.
A hand lay next to his boots.
He blinked, zipped his pants slowly, and turned around. "Hello?"
Cicadas chirped in answer.
"Are you drunk?" The quiet field that looked so peaceful only moments before was now eerily sinister. He nudged the hand with his foot. It was swollen and pale and crusted with blood, just like a prop out of a horror movie.
Maybe it was a good idea to run to the next town.


Liana Brooks

Coming April 28th, 2015

Available for Pre-Order

Author Bio:

Liana Brooks once read the book GOOD OMENS by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett and noted that both their biographies invited readers to send money (or banana daiquiris). That seems to have worked well for them. Liana prefers strawberry daiquiris (virgin!) and will never say no to large amounts of cash in unmarked bills. 
Her books are sweet and humorous with just enough edge to keep you reading past your bedtime. 

Liana was born in San Diego after bouncing around the country she's settled (temporarily) in the great wilderness of Alaska. She can be found on Twitter (@LianaBrooks), on FaceBook, and on the web at

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No Angel - The Great Pick Up Line @ Delighted Reader

Hello! Today No Angel is featured over at one of my favourite book blogs - The Delighted Reader - as part of The Great Pick Up Line event. Hop over HERE to find out what my fallen angel Lucien uses as a pick up line, and a little bit more from the story. And while you're there, you should definitely check out all the other participants to find out how their characters entrance their partners.

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#ScienceFiction #Fantasy Saturday 77 - Cajun #Zombie Problems

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Lycaon Press | Amazon
Welcome to another #sffsat snippet, and Happy Valentine's Day! To celebrate, I'm posting something DEAD romantic from my YA zombie novella, Restless In Peaceville. Did you see what I did there? Zombies? Dead romantic? Oh, never mind... :P 
But since my adorable zombies have just come out in gloriously gory print and bearing in mind the date, I thought I'd share a more romantic moment from the story. Here, my two teen zombies have just evaded the supernatural hunter who likes to put the undead to permanent rest. Having done a heroic deed by standing between Annabelle and the bullet meant to finish her off,  Luke begins to think perhaps this whole being undead thing isn't so bad after all...

She's still smiling at me. Hell, girls have never smiled at me, except when they were laughing at me. Maybe this being dead ain't so bad. I lean forward. I don't know what I'm doing, but I want to try this. What's the worst that can happen?
So I kiss her. I don't know what it's meant to be like, but I've imagined it often enough. Dreamed about it sometimes. Her lips are cold, but they're soft and she doesn't pull away. Instead her arms go round my neck and she pulls me closer. And for a few minutes I forget that we're both dead and there's a big black shadow and a madman after us, and that we've no idea how to get out of this. Because Annabelle is kissing me, and suddenly that's all that matters for the next five minutes of my death.

Awww! Aren't they cute?! My editor thought so, anyway. If you'd like more, you can check out the book at any of the links below the book cover, and you can now pick it up in print as well as ebook format. In the meantime, why not check out the other participants in this week's round of sffsat by clicking on the banner below?

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#Print Deals from @BreathlessPress #romance #scifi #fantasy #paranormal

Is that a deal or is that a deal?! If you buy five print books at Breathless Press (and I'll bet you'll be tempted to buy more) and add the Wonderland Tales anthology to your basket, then use coupon B5G1 at checkout, you get the anthology for FREE! Just click on the banner to check out their books. ^-^

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Release Day - Restless In Peaceville in Print! #YA #paranormal #zombies

It's the official release day for the print version of Restless In Peaceville. I'm back in print, baby! You can now pick up my adorable zombies in gloriously gory paperback from Lycaon Press and all Amazon sites. And why should you? Well, if you like Warm Bodies and Supernatural, this could be the book for you. Set in the rich and swampy depths of Louisiana, this was the hardest book I've every written and one that I'm the most proud of. Not enough? Check out the blurb below, and then you can always pop over to Goodreads to see what the reviewers have said. (psst, for UK peeps at least, you'll get a better deal buying the book direct from my publisher than from Amazon).


Luke Chester has had enough. He's the school geek, the girls laugh at him, he's lost his dead-end job at the pizza place, and in the midst of the world's messiest divorce his parents don't even know he exists. An overdose of his mom's tranquilizers and a stomach full of whiskey should solve all his problems... 

But they don't. Instead, Luke finds himself booted out of the afterlife for not dying a natural death, with nowhere to go but back to his recently vacated corpse and reality. How the hell is he going to pass for one of the living without someone trying to blow his brains out for being one of the undead? 

And it just gets worse. He's got to fight his own desperate craving to consume the living, evade the weird supernatural hunter who's having a field day with the new undeads rising, and there's this creepy black shadow following him around. Add to that the distraction of female fellow undead Annabelle burning to avenge her own murder, and clearly there's no rest for the wicked. Jeez, all he wanted to do was R.I.P.

You can check out the tour stops and release day blitz spots at my hosts below.

6th - Savvy Authors - Getting out of my comfort zone
11th - Literary YA Fiction - Top Five Story Inspirations

Release Day Blitz 11th
12th - spotlight at Lindsey & Jane's Views & Reviews
13th - J.Lilley - Things I Learned from the story
16th - Kelly Smith Reviews - interview

And if you like all things zombie, you can get a sneak preview of the cover for my YA dystopian romance - Zombie Girl: Dead Awakened - by signing up for my newsletter HERE.

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Tuesday #Teaser - The King's Mistress by Rachel Leigh Smith #scifi #romance

Thanks so much for letting me share, Pippa. I’ve picked a teaser from about the midpoint of The King’s Mistress that shows what A’yen is struggling with throughout the novel.

The familiarity of his map and Guild programs did little to calm A’yen. For the first time in his life, he’d failed at something. Something with far-reaching consequences, of course. At least down here in the basement, everyone left him alone. Ro was with Na’var at the Dreen home, working on his TK. Bren and Fae were unpacking.
Thudding on the stairs behind him made him turn. Dad came in, closed the door, and sat on the couch. “Na’var filled me in on the basics yesterday.”
“I blew it, Dad. Totally blew it. They hate me.”
Dad patted the empty space beside him. “I expected them to hate you. You challenge every preconceived notion they have about what we’re like on the outside.”
“Did Na’var tell you what Salem did?” A’yen dropped into the empty spot, sideways, left arm on the back of the couch. He was shirtless and wearing shorts, his preferred mode when at home. The after-effects of the mind-hopper screwing with him lingered with increased tightness in the ink and less pressure needed to start the burning.
“Yes. I had hoped he wouldn’t stoop quite that low. You did the right thing asking Varune for help.”
“I shouldn’t have had to. I should have seen it coming, should have stopped it.” He made a fist and punched the couch.
Dad covered his balled hand and pressed down to make him relax. “You did everything you could.”
“But I let you down. I have nothing to show for it. Half the regents believe the Association paid Fae to pretend she’s found Lok’ma and that we manufactured everything we showed them. There are no new alliances, no new commitments, no changes in anything.”
Dad shook his head and sighed. “I didn’t send you out there to do any of that. I sent you out there to make Salem show his hand. I wanted the names of every single regent opposed to reunification. Thanks to you, I have them. What about the cabinet?”
“They don’t like me either. I didn’t know it was possible to hear that much bullshit.”
Dad chuckled for a moment then sobered. “They’ve lost all concept of the outside world. I’ve had Na’var keeping track of possible candidates out here for cabinet positions. There are also structures on the farms we can pull people from.”
“How do you do all this without going crazy?”
“I never said it hasn’t driven me crazy.”
A’yen leaned against the soft cushions. “Fae asked me once if I believed expectations could kill a person. I said yes, but I didn’t know what I was talking about. Most of the people I met don’t accept me as I am. They made no attempt to understand me.” Unable to look at Dad another second, he stared at the floor. “I’m not a pawn. I just want to be me. I don’t know how to be me and help you pull us together.”

Buy Links:


Freedom has a cost. Can A’yen pay it without losing his soul?

Liberation of the enslaved Lokmane begins with the king. A’yen and Fae agree to visit the Hidden, a group of escaped Lokmane, to protect his identity while the Shadows make their move with emancipation acts. But he's not prepared for the prejudice rampant in the Hidden, or their lack of patience for him. And his new linked bodyguard is unstable to the point A'yen fears for the young man's sanity.

Upon returning to Titan, A'yen is kidnapped and taken to the largest breeding farm in the galaxy. This time he'll be himself even if it kills him. His resolve to unite his people grows as he wonders if he'll live long enough to do it.

With A'yen kidnapped, Fae returns to the Lokmane homeworld seeking the final pieces of what happened two thousand years ago when they were conquered and enslaved. Getting as far away from her father as possible is the only way to keep her from disappearing too.

Separated by light years, A'yen and Fae have to stand alone and fight for their right to live in freedom. No matter the cost.


Rachel Leigh Smith writes romance for the hero lover. She lives in central Louisiana with her family and a half-crazed calico. When not writing, which isn't often, she's hanging with her family, doing counted cross-stitch, or yakking about life, the universe, and everything with her besties. There may also be Netflix binging...

She's a member of the Science Fiction Romance Brigade and Romance Writers of America. She blogs sporadically at, hangs out on Facebook at, and can sometimes be found at You can sign up for her newsletter here.