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Book Blitz for: The Changeling's Fortune by M.C. Aquila & K.C. Lannon via @YABoundToursPR

The Changeling's Fortune
by M.C. AquilaK.C. Lannon
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Release date: May 25th 2018


When optimistic seventeen-year-old orphan Deirdre travels to Neo-London, a city created after a near-apocalyptic attack by Unseelie faeries, she is caught in the tension between faeries and the Iron Guard, a militarized faction created to keep the peace. After a banshee tells her fortune, Deirdre develops destructive magical abilities but quickly discovers she cannot control them. These powers soon make her a target of Alan Callaghan, an extreme anti-faery general.

His sons, Iain and James, cross paths with Deirdre. Iain is a rookie soldier in the Iron Guard trying to atone for past mistakes and keep his younger brother from harm. James, a fourteen-year-old aspiring scholar fascinated by faeries, becomes fast friends with Deirdre. They soon plot to escape the barriers and lies of the city to find answers about her magic and James’s disappeared mother.

However, when Deirdre is framed for a treasonous crime, their search for answers soon becomes a quest for freedom. Beyond the iron walls of Neo-London that protect the city from the Winter Court lies a landscape of unchecked magic, faeries, and monsters.

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Excerpt from CHAPTER ONE:

Kallista Callaghan had heard the rumors: there was a faery in the Neo-London Hospital. In all her years of working as a nurse, she had never had a faery patient before. She was determined to see if there was any stock in the whispers that circulated the building. If what she heard was true, then Kallista had to act quickly.
Where are you, Marko? You’re late…
She tapped her foot impatiently and gazed out the wall of windows at the cityscape while she waited. A spring shower dotted the windows with rain, distorting the view of the city that had once been known as Portsmouth forty years ago, built up into a grand city that mirrored its namesake in small ways. The lights of Neo-London winked in the darkness, and the city was quiet. The maternity ward was also absent the usual cries of pain, cries of joy, cries of relief. Tonight only one infant was delivered. Tonight there was only stunned silence.
Hearing footsteps, Kallista looked up to see Marko, a fellow nurse, walk down the hallway to meet her, still in his hospital scrubs despite his shift having ended.
“I was about to go in without you,” Kallista informed him.
He placed his hand on her shoulder, squeezing reassuringly. “Maybe you shouldn’t go in at all. Maybe you should go home to your husband and son, Kalli. Don’t get mixed up in this.”
“So what they’re saying is true.” Kallista rubbed her hands furiously on the front of her scrubs as sweat bloomed on her palms.
Marko nodded. “Supposedly, the mother threw half the staff against the wall when she went into labor—without even touching them. It was magic.
“What business does a faery have at a maternity ward? They have their own healers, their own ways of doing things.”
“The father is human,” Marko answered. “You might’ve heard of both parents, actually. Aino and Oliver Windsor. They were just on the radio the other night, pushing for faery protection laws.”
Kallista’s eyes widened, and she nodded in understanding. This was not the first time she had heard of such a thing, a faery and a human marrying, but it was rare. She knew of the Windsor couple and of their outspoken criticism of the military system, only because her husband had been fighting against their proposals for years. Oliver’s relation to the king, his cousin, protected the couple’s objections.
“Do you really want to get involved?” Marko asked. “Chances are, we’ll have to smuggle the infant out of the city to get medical attention.”
“I told you before,” Kallista said. “I want to help.”
For several years, Marko had also been practicing medicine outside the hospital, offering his services to those who could not afford it. While he rarely brought up faeries around her, Kallista knew that his help often extended to them—even though human medicine could not help much in some cases. Still, Kallista wanted to be a part of that.
Marko smiled at her faintly. “You have a family. People who need you. People who would hate to see you in prison.”
She took his hand. “You have family too.”
“Not one that depends on me.” Marko gently pried her hand away; she pretended not to notice.
A few of Marko’s relatives still lived in Neo-London after the government policies forced most of the Roma and Travellers away. His mother and father and a few cousins remained.
He looked her in the eye. “Kallista, are you sure?”
“I will see the baby. Then I will decide if I will help or not.” But she already knew her answer.

About the Authors

M. C. Aquila graduated from Winthrop University with a degree in English. She grew up in Pittsburgh, PA but currently resides in South Carolina. When she is not co-writing the Winter's Blight series, she tutors both native and ESL students in English, giving her a renewed love for the strange wonderfulness of the language. She also enjoys drawing daily, baking recklessly, hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, searching for the best red wine in existence, and reading any story with a villain she loves to hate.

K.C. Lannon graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts in English. When she is not co-writing the Winter's Blight book series, she tutors English, walks dogs, and dabbles in painting, drawing, or just making a general mess on paper. She enjoys cooking vegetarian meals, daydreaming she is a Gothic Heroine, and playing tabletop RPGs.

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Meet the #Author Monday: Michelle M. Pillow #scifi #romance via @MichellePillow

What inspired you to write this particular story?:
The Space Lords series was a series installment in the sci-fi romance Qurilixen World collection. It came naturally as the characters from previous series began leaving their planet for the high skies.

Which comes first for you – a character's looks, personality or name?:
Usually the personality or name. One usually informs the other. A name can tell you were the character grew up, what kind of family s/he might have had. Those influences will help develop who that person became.

Any tips for aspiring authors?:
The only advice I really have that is worth anything is to do your homework. Research everything—your book, marketing, promo, your genre. You just have to spend the time and read up. There is no magic formula or secret handshake. I wish there was. You just have to put in the hours and do the work. Knowledge really is power.

Questions for fun:
If you had the power of time travel, is there anything you would go back and change? Why/why not?:
I would like to go back and talk to the Michelle at the beginning of my writing career. Though, if I do that, I might not be where I am now, so that’s a hard one. Maybe I’ll just go back further to tell her good luck and to rethink the 1997 haircut.

What super-power would you choose?:
To be able to clean with a point of my finger. Wouldn’t that just be awesome? I’d never do a load of laundry again.

If you could have three wishes, what would they be?:
      Health and Happiness for my family and friends
      The opportunity to travel the world and visit every country     
 The third wish I’d give away to someone who needed it.

Your weapon/instrument/gadget of choice?:
Food simulator from my Qurilixen World. I’d never cook again. Well, to be honest, I have a husband who cooks so I’ll probably never really cook again anyway.

Coffee, tea or wine?:
Skinny Soy French Vanilla Latte all day long.

And to finish:
What is your favourite book? (aside from one of your own!):
Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck – I liked the anthropological look at America.

Favourite genre and why?:
That’s too hard. As an author, I love being able to move around to different genres and I’m so lucky to have awesome fans who follow me there. It’s the same for what I read. I’ll read almost anything. But when it comes to television, I love sci fi, horror, and have recently been watching documentaries.

Favourite colour?:

Upcoming news and plans for the future?:
I’m always working and writing books, so that is unlikely to change. I have several sci fi romances and cozy mysteries planned. I’m also in discussion about a few film projects.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us!

Space Lords: His Earth Maiden

Former elite Federation soldier, now turned space pirate, Jackson Burke has done his best to turn his life around—for the better. He isn't prepared when fate leaves a woman's safety totally in his hands. Since heroes don't leave a damsel in distress—and despite being outlaw pirates, the crew considers themselves the good guys—Jackson assumes responsibility for the beauty. It’s enough that his ship is held together by rust and sheer will, now he's got to keep this good guy thing straight and not give into the urges the sassy female brings out in him. Raisa is everything a man could want and for some reason she seems to like him, rough edges and all, but he's on the Federation's wanted list and they aren't known to back down.

A Qurilixen World Novel

“5 Stars! The author doesn't let up. Just when you think they've overcome the secret enemy...well, don't want to spoil anything. You'll need to read for yourself. I'm a fan of the author, the series and especially this book.” – Cheri, Amazon

Author Bio:
NYT & USAT Bestselling Author Michelle M. Pillow is an award-winning romance writer with over 100 published books over the course of her nearly 15-year career. She is best known for her Quirlixen World including the series: Dragon Lords, Space Lords, Lords of the Var, Galaxy Alien Mail Order Brides, and more.

Michelle is always up for a new adventure or challenge, whether it's a paranormal investigation of an old Vaudeville Theatre or climbing Mayan temples in Belize. She was a refugee extra on SyFy's Z Nation (2016).

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New Release! Collision (Book 3 of the Prophecy series) by Lea Kirk #scifi #romance via @leakirkwrites

Collision, Book Three of the Prophecy Series
Long blurb:
A heart-rending loss…
Flora Bock will never forgive the Anferthian invaders for murdering her birth-parents. Growing up with the grandson of her sworn enemies is living a nightmare—until the day she sees him through the eyes of a young woman. But giving her heart to him is the ultimate betrayal of her parents’ memory.
A life in peril…
There are precious few places in the galaxy where Fander K’nil is safe. One look into Flora’s beautiful, hate-filled eyes is proof enough that Terr is not one of those places. He must keep her at a distance and stay alive long enough to fulfill his destiny. No matter what his heart desires.
An empire at stake…
Just as Fander and Flora begin to discover the depth of their feelings for each other, they are thrust into a deadly game of politics and assassination with an enemy who stops at nothing to stay in power. With the lives of everyone they love at risk, they must find a way to avert a new invasion before it’s too late—even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.

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Fander gave Flora a grin. “Yes. But, here’s the difference. I intend to convince you to marry me.”
Gods, he loved seeing her cheeks turn pink. She took a half step back and raised her chin. “It’ll never work.”
“Pfft. So you say.”
She pointed toward the portal. “You remember what you did back there on my planet, right? You laid the groundwork for a civil war. Your people might, might, accept me as tangol because that bond is part of your culture, but as your wife? I’m a Terrian. Lots of them will hate me for that reason.”
“Once, you hated me for being Anferthian.”
She lowered her arm and blinked, twice. Three times. Four, five. If she had to think about it that long, then he almost had her. He stepped into her personal space and cupped his palm along her jaw. “But, you changed your mind, didn’t you?”
Her tongue darted over her lips. “You think we could change their minds?”

“I’d like to try.”