Friday, 18 March 2011

Friday Fiction #5

Don't worry about your wrinkles, mummy.

With a feeling close to resignation, I lift a jar from the bathroom shelf. It was a freebie - I didn't go out and buy it! This winter has dried my skin out in a way that can only be symptomatic of age. The number of years I lay claim to doesn't bother me, but dry skin itches, and while I don't believe in the benefits of anti-ageing creams, at least it should moisturise my skin. I dab my finger into cold, clinging whiteness and start to rub it into my face.
"What are you doing mummy?" my daughter asks. Eight going on eighteen, endlessly questioning, endlessly arguing. I like that she wants to know everything and has a spark, but sometimes her stubborness is overwhelming. She gets that from me though. "Trying to soothe a few wrinkles, honey."
"Oh, but wrinkles don't matter. Everyone gets those."
I make a face at my reflection, temporarily worsening the lines in my skin. I'm glad she has such a philosophical outlook on the realities of life. It's a good, sound mentality to have. "True."
"Besides, when you're dead, no-one will see your wrinkles."

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  1. LOL Out of the mouths of babes...

    As a desert dweller, dry skin is always an issue for me. My personal preference is Oil of Olay. It's a great moisturizer and comes in SPF 15 too. (Also a big concern when I live at 6800 feet above sea level and closer to the sun!) The night cream is also wunderbar, but I don't care for their "anti-aging" products. A little too glooby for me. :)

    Oh, and here's a little tip I learned from a cosmetic consultant. Dip your fingers in water before applying moisturizer. Then the moisture is trapped next to your skin by the product. (Don't overdo it with the water, though. That thins the moisturizer too much.)

    Hmmm, on the writing front, I bet moisturizer would be an important element in space where the air is scrubbed and recycled. Must go research that...


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