Sunday, 11 September 2011

Scifi Sunday #3

Hi all and welcome to another #scifi snippet. Thanks for stopping by. :) Gethyon is on the run - can he evade his pursuers or will he agree to their demands?
The bike jolted hard beneath them as though it had struck something. Callon screamed as Gethyon fought to correct their flight, but another impact set them careering perilously close along the cliff edge.
He yanked the Trilobyke toward safety, and straight into a collision with another modified bike. Both engines screamed as his opponent kept his bike abreast of Gethyon’s, the rider leaning hard into them. Gethyon drove his fingers deep into his controls to jerk his bike forward with a burst of acceleration, and the attacking craft dropped behind. With a swift glance over his shoulder, he turned right, away from the cliffs, darting across the path of the slower craft as they left it behind.
A shape zoomed up into the corner of his eye on the left, and he spared it a quick glance. Tyos, his augmented glider faster than Gethyon’s but lighter in frame, closed in on them and hovered millimeters from the rear vanes. To his right, another heavier Trilobyke moved in alongside and nudged them.
“Land!” the rider of the Trilobyke yelled at him.

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