Sunday, 15 January 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #44

Hello and welcome to another #sixsunday post. Huge thanks to those who come by and comment each week. I'm continuing with my sfr Keir, with both the main characters locked in the dungeon. But there's not much sense of camaraderie going on...

She moved toward him and his old suspicions flooded back.
“Another step,” he growled, “and I will kill you.”
The girl stopped and squinted into the shadows. After a moment, she raised the light over her head. “That isn’t very friendly.” Her tone was calm and even, but the way she held herself told him she stood braced for any sudden movement, the lamp a weapon should she need one.

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  1. Well done six. Quite the meeting for these two characters.

  2. Smart girl! I bet she's just as suspicious as he is. Maybe they can help each other?


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