Saturday, 20 October 2012

Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday #51

Hello, welcome to another #sffsat snippet. Continuing with Marie as she struggles to find a way home, but despite her demanding to be shown off the space station the avatar offering his services isn't being dissuaded...

Cover by Danielle Fine

“I can do that,” it assured her. “But the next starship isn’t due for another hour. Let me take you somewhere more comfortable to wait.” The smoothness of its voice calmed the turbulent sea roiling in her chest.
She licked dry lips. “I could do with a drink,” she admitted.
“Easily solved.” The avatar released her and, with an archaic gesture, swept his hand outward to indicate the way.
Amusement softened her anger. She’d seen older men do that, but it seemed odd for someone as youthful as he appeared.

© 2009-2012 Copyright Philippa J. Green All Rights Reserved
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BTW my editor and cover designer Danielle Fine is currently running a contest to win a custom designed book cover here. All you have to do is vote for one of the covers on display (and yes, mine is one of them).


  1. Ooh thanks for the tip, I just voted :)
    Great snip Pippa!

  2. I wonder how the avatar decides what "age" the actions should come from. Interesting snippet!

  3. Old-fashioned gesture from the avatar, nice. :)

  4. I still think that there's more to this avatar than meets the eye. But, that's just me.

  5. Interesting. Almost like a hand sweep before a bow (well, that's how I pictured it). Keep going!!

  6. Yeah, I'm with Patrick. There's more to this avatar than meets the eye. Very courtly.

  7. Voted! And I really love these snippets. The avatar has gone back to being nonthreatening but the change was so quick that it seems so insincere and that possibility makes their interaction so charged.

    Glad he's being helpful and polite now, though.

  8. Well, he seems helpful and polite at the moment.

  9. This snippet makes me think the avatar is not as youthful as he appears. Hrm.

    Excited to read more!

  10. He really is confusing me. I wonder what he's up to.


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