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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #66

Cover by Danielle Fine
Welcome to another #sixsunday post - thank you for your visit and any comments. I'm continuing with my latest release, a science fiction romance short - Terms & Condition Apply. Soren has corrected Marie's assumption that he's just a machine - more precisely a replica of a human with real memories. But his revelation that some avatars carry the persona of a criminal leaves her questioning further...

“Then what were you?”
He frowned and dropped his gaze. “I had a debilitating disease, one that was gradually crippling me. I was facing a slow, painful and humiliating death. My fiancĂ©e broke off our engagement so I chose voluntary euthanasia.” He paused and Marie, her chest tight at the pain in his words, leaned forward to touch her fingers to the back of his hand in silent sympathy.

© 2009-2012 Copyright Philippa J. Green All Rights Reserved

If you enjoyed that and want more, you can check out the blurb under the Available Now tab above. In the meantime, please check out the other fabulous authors participating by clicking on the banner below for the main Six Sentence Sunday website.

Six Sentence Sunday


  1. I do want more!! Great 6! Can't wait to start reading this over my vacation! :D

  2. I love the struggle in clone stories as to whether clones are people or not. This six is awesome! I look forward to reading this story! :)

  3. A bit of a conversation stopper! Great six. :)

  4. Poor guy! Definitely a snippet that makes me want to read more!

  5. Awww...He's certainly had to the rough go of things.

  6. Oh, Pippa, this six just landed Terms and Conditions on my TBR list. Love the idea of an avatar remembering the suffering of his previous "body".

  7. Poor guy! I love that she's changing her attitude about him!

  8. I love the concept and the tortured hero here.

  9. Am heading to Amazon to buy. Love the hero.

    1. Aww, thanks Melisse, hope you enjoy it.

  10. This is such an interesting premise, Pippa. Great 6!

  11. Great six! And such an interesting situation!


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