Sunday, 13 January 2013

Six Sentence Sunday #68

Cover by Renee Rocco, Lyrical Press Inc

Hello! Welcome to my #sixsunday snippet, and a huge thank you to everyone who stops by and comments. Another teaser from my science fiction romance Keir for you, and I thought I'd give you a better look at my hero...if the cover isn't enough. :-P

For a moment, Quin stared. Shock blazed a hot trail through her veins. Oh, Hades, I never thought it would be human!
Now she understood the nickname given to him and how the legend had misled her into believing the Blue Demon might be the Sentiac. His bare torso was the rich blue of an evening sky, the long, unkempt hair a knot of black curls tangled at the nape of his neck. Deep black tattoos, resembling some form of runic lettering, were carved into every inch of his skin.

© 2009-2013 Copyright Philippa J. Green All Rights Reserved
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  1. Sexy description and cover! Can never get enough! LOL

  2. The cover is definitely hawt! :D Fantastic 6!

  3. Such great description and I love the tattoos :)


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