Thursday, 14 March 2013

Cover Love - Jessica E Subject

For this week's cover love guest post, please welcome Jessica E Subject, author of Science Fiction Romance & Contemporary Romance, who's sharing her favourite sfr covers.
Hello everyone! When Pippa asked me to choose a few science fiction romance covers that I absolutely love, I thought it would be easy. I would go through all of the SFR titles I have on my e-reader, and in print, and choose those that caught my eye first. Well, when I actually started going through them, I was a bit surprised by the covers I chose. Some of the stories I’ve read, and others I haven’t yet. But here they are, and I’ll tell you my reasons for each one.

The one thing I noticed is that blue and white covers catch my attention. The title, Evolution, as well as the DNA strand, stir my curiosity. And the girl’s face isn’t distracting, but makes me want to read her story, find out who she is, and find out what happens or happened to her.

Another blue cover. This time it’s the bright white lights against the blue background. Plus, sometimes I do like some man candy on the covers. Though this is the only cover I chose with a man with a bare chest.

I don’t know if I can fully explain why this cover draws my attention. I think it’s the eye. The face looks human, and yet… It definitely made me read the blurb, which then made me read the blurb, buy the book, and then read it.

This is the original hardcover cover for Across the Universe, and I don’t think you can buy a new copy with this cover anymore. The couple look like they are about to kiss, and I want to know if they really do. The stars, title, and tagline also make me want to read more. Or, in my case, read it again.

Another blue cover with a splash of other colors. But, it’s not the color in this cover that attracts me. It’s the title, and the girl. She seems to be walking out of something, some kind of challenge. And it made me want to read her story.

Jessica E. Subject Bio:

Jessica Subject is the author of contemporary and science fiction romance, ranging from sweet to erotica. In her stories, you could meet clones, or a sexy alien or two. You may even be transported to another planet for a romantic rendezvous. 

When Jessica isn't reading, writing, or doing dreaded housework, she likes to get out and walk. Fast. But she just may slow down if there is a waterfall nearby.

Jessica lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two energetic children. And she loves to hear from her readers. You can find her at and on twitter @jsubject.

Latest release

After terrorists murder the love of her life, Colonel Mikayla Jones trains squadron after squadron of the clones he brought to life, to take to the skies. When she discovers a young clone of her husband in her newest class, her world spins out of control. How can she command the look-a-like when she can’t help but yearn for him to fill an ache in her heart?
Dare was created to be the best. As the first Daniel clone to leave Onatria labs, he needs to prove he is more than just a DNA copy. To do that, he must rely on the wife of the man who donated his genes. But when she refuses to train him, Dare faces discharge and returning to the labs. Can he convince Colonel Jones to finish his training and find a way into her bed? Or will long kept secrets unhinge the entire clone project?
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Do any of Jessica's choices catch your eye? Would you at least pick them up to read the blurb? 


  1. I sense a blue theme ;) Beautiful covers! I'm drawn to blue too. It's a soothing color. Great post, ladies!

  2. Thanks for letting me share my fav covers, Pippa! :)

    Hey Karen! Yes, you would be correct. I do favor blue covers, and faces. :)

  3. I love the covers for "Evolution" and "Under the never sky" - they both make me curious about the book. Great post! =D

  4. They are all great,though Karen is right, you have a blue thing going on. My Fav is Evolution

  5. Thanks for dropping by Maria and Liza! I must admit that it was the face on Pippa's Terms & Conditions Apply that made me pick it up. Or that was part of the reason. ;) And another I'd like to add would be Paragon by Aubrey Watt.

  6. Thank you all for stopping by to comment, and to Jessica for visiting. Jess, that face was the first element I picked out for the cover, although the credit for 'Soren' has to go to my cover designer Dani Fine.

  7. It's a great exercise for authors, especially those who have control over their own covers. :)

  8. I quite like the creative control, although I've loved both the covers my publishers did. But it's also fun making up my own - sometimes it helps me focus on the key elements of a WIP so I've a better idea where it's going or areas I should strengthen. :)

  9. I agree! I love the covers through my publisher! But I find I have more say when I work directly through with the cover artists. And if I want or need to change things later, I can. :)

  10. What lovely, poetic covers--thanks for sharing!

  11. I think blue just screams sci fi.

    Nice choices. I want to read all of them.

  12. There is a definite theme going here ;)


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