Thursday, 7 March 2013

Cover Love - Katheryn Rodzianko

Please welcome Katheryn Rodzianko - reviewer, book nerd, writer, hanging with the Doctor somewhere in space (so her Twitter profile confesses). Katheryn is sharing her five favourite covers in the YA/NA genre.

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkins: 

Why I like this cover: It called out to me, and gives a rather haunting image. With them drowning, It gives the impression of disaster and turmoil within the story, and the not showing of the faces gives the whole visual a sense of mystery. Who is Mara Dyer? Who is her saviour? That kind of thing.
I do tend to judge by covers, and most times by what the synopsis on the back is like. I was extremely happy to buy this book and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent: 

All of these covers have been both pretty and intriguing. And represent the story well with each storyline that follows. It didn’t disappoint. Again, it’s the shades of red that catch my attention. Along with the smoke, which is different.

Gone series by Michael Grant: 
Probably one of the most basic covers I've seen. No picture, just the title and a silhouette in one of the letters. To me, it gives off a creepy vibe and really fits the story because the books are…creepy, but also gripping.


The Blessed by Tonya Hurley:

I loved this cover; it instantly sprung out when I first saw it. The colours, the design, the has so much mystery.  The tag line also drew me in; I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the black and red that give it a dark theme, and from what I’ve heard, it’s very dark. But to be honest, I just think it’s a really pretty cover.

Falling Under by Gwen Hayes:

So it was really hard to find a fifth cover because there are so many books with covers I love, but this one is so pretty. I can’t say it really represents the story per-se, but it does symbolise the darkness of the story and that things won’t be happy. I tend to get “dark” and “trauma” from reds and blacks, and happy/sad from blues and other lighter colours.


My name’s Katheryn and I’m 26. I live in the county of Essex and I am currently working on my first novel. Many hobbies include delving deep into fandoms, going to the movies, being addicted to twitter, singing along to music, oh and I’m a huge bookworm.
Here’s a link to my book review blog and my Tumblr if you like that sort of thing.

Thanks, Katheryn! So what do you think of her choices? Would you have picked them for the same reason?


  1. Loved those covers, especially Unbecoming...great post! Thanks for sharing, ladies! :)

  2. I agree on Rachel Vincent's Soul series. I'm loving the YA ones at the end.


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