Thursday, 4 April 2013

Cover Love - Misa Buckley

For this week's cover love post, please welcome speculative romance author and Cliff Simon minion, Misa Buckley, sharing her favourite spec fic covers.

GRAVITY, Melissa West
Despite an aversion to YA, I'm drawn to GRAVITY because of its simplicity. There are no naked torsos or angst-ridden teens, just the Earth from space. The fonts used are beautiful and elegant, and fit the overall theme without dominating. All in, its a very eye-catching cover that makes me want the book, and that's kind of the point.

GHOST PLANET, Sharon Lynn Fisher
What I love about GHOST PLANET is how the main characters are shown in reflection. With one male and one female, it's obvious that the book is sci fi romance but again there's no naked torsos or the traditional cuddle that usually says SFR. This cover is much more subtle, and I think the conjunction also hints at an unbalance within the story. 

A STAR SHALL FALL, Marie Brennan
London in flames and a dragon in the sky. What more do I need to say?!

I have to admit to liking this cover for its likeness to Stargate's Atlantis. The swirling sea hints at danger, while a scattering of stars suggests magic. But what grabs me is the almost-invisible antagonist (I presume) - the eye in the sky. The overall impression is one of beauty with an undertone of freaking creepy.

BLACKBIRDS, Chuck Wendig
I absolutely love this stark black-and-white image by Joey Hi-fi and so have a lot of cover competitions. Miriam (the protagonist, if you've not read this book yet) is shown in relief, her picture made up of birds. This is a strong theme through BLACKBIRDS and sequel MOCKINGBIRD, which has a similar cover. A creepy, grimy (but great!) cover for a creepy, grimy (but fabulous!) book.

Born and raised in Manchester, UK, Misa Buckley grew up watching Doctor Who and Star Trek. She was fascinated by stars and space travel and avidly followed every Shuttle launch. But while TV fed her love of the future, books tapped into a fondness of fantasy, devouring books by Anne McCaffrey and David Eddings.
The extraordinary fascinated her, but growing up she’d rather be out horse-riding or practising her artwork than writing. It wasn’t until she’d married college sweetheart and had their first child that she discovered fanfiction, which offered her the chance to play in the universes she loved to watch.

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Upcoming release

A year after the accident that put her in a wheelchair, Amber Gerald has more or less gotten used to living with her impairment. It doesn’t make a difference to running a comic book store anyway, and the customers have been the best support group she could have wished for.
When she rescues an abandoned cat, Amber has no idea that she’s interfering in the mad scheme of a time travelling bank robber. Or that the man that walks into her store dressed like Blade is about to become her bodyguard.
Between being an unwitting owner of an android cat and falling for a cybernetic bounty hunter, Amber finds her life a whole new level of weird as science fiction becomes a very real factual threat.

Released 4th March 2013 from Champagne Books

So what do you think of Misa's choices? Have any caught your eye? 


  1. All great covers! I own the first two, and I'm going to have to take a look at the others. Thanks, Misa!

    And thank you, Pippa for hosting this feature on your blog! I've added a lot of new SFR titles to my TBR list. :)

  2. Thanks, Misa! I have to admit I was very pleased with my cover too. :) Tor was awesome to work with on this.

    And I love these other covers too, especially Blackbirds! So eye catching and interesting.

  3. Wow, A Star Shall Fall and the Blackbirds covers are really fantastic! Thanks for sharing :)


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