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Teaser Tuesday - Archangel #PNR #paranormal #romance #angel

The jangle of the shop bell snapped me to alertness. I let Abigail go, not really wanting a confrontation with Angel Shop Guy over why I was holding her. My jeans were a little tight and I might have a hard time explaining that. Pun not intended.
"That was the quickest half hour I’ve ever experienced," I grumbled as I ran through baseball stats. It wasn’t exactly original but it worked. "Guess your boss doesn’t trust your judgment that much."
"It’s not Manny."
Her voice was low, her tone strained. I glanced at her and caught the deer-in-headlights look on her face. A crash came from the shop. The temperature in the back room dropped several degrees.
"Don’t move," I said to Abigail and pulled my Glock from its shoulder holster. Edging to the beaded curtain, I silently took off the safety.
A quick glance revealed three figures in the shop. They were dressed in black and wore ski masks, yet somehow I knew they weren’t here to rob the joint. Mostly because their focus was on the back room and not the till.
Without taking my eyes off them, I asked, "Is there a back entrance, preferably one we can get to?"
"Yes, but it’s locked. And Manny has the keys."
Of course he did. "How solid is the door?"
"It’s a fire door."
"I don’t suppose you have a fire ax?"
"In the shop."
I looked at her. She gave an apologetic shrug. Well, there was no point in berating her, since it was neither her shop nor bad planning on her part, and my time was better spent in figuring a way out. I could take these guys down, but I didn’t want to reveal that side to Abigail. Not until she knew me better.
"I trust you, Gabriel," she said, apparently reading my mind.
Like I needed that on top of everything else.
I considered my options. There weren’t many. Two, actually. I could risk taking my eyes off the men and try to kick open the door, or I could grab Abigail and made a run for it through the shop. Both I could see going very wrong. Time to create a third possibility.
The men assumed that surprise was still on their side, given that they crept up either side of the shop. That left a clear path to the front door, but I wasn’t going to assume they weren’t armed. When in doubt, shoot first and ask questions later.
"Abigail," I said, and held out my left hand, waiting until her slim fingers curled around mine. "Second shot. Don’t hesitate and for fuck’s sake don’t let go."

Blurb: Patient. Merciful. Protective… One out of three ain’t bad.

Small time crook Gabriel Kemp is just trying to make a living when a hit-and-run leaves him for dead. Waking up in hospital to an angel at his bedside gives him a second chance, but one that comes with a condition.

Fleeing San Francisco doesn’t mean he can evade the deal either – he still manages to meet Abigail Harris, the woman he’s promised to protect. He might not believe in the psychic visions she claims to have, but he knows if there’s even a chance she can identify the serial killer terrorizing downtown L.A. then she’s in danger.

The only way to keep Abby safe is to find and stop the killer. If that means taking on the devil determined to turn the City of Angels into the City of Hell on Earth, then so be it.
About Misa:
Misa Buckley grew up watching Doctor Who and Star Trek and reading fantasies from Anne McCaffrey and David Eddings. So when she started writing NaNoWriMo in 2007, it was sci fi that she wrote. She found writing a much-needed haven from the crazy of raising five children and a Land Rover-obsessed husband. It took her a few years to take the step from writing to submitting, but she is now published through Decadent Publishing and Champagne Books, as well as self-publishing. Her books involve characters who experience adventure, romance and really hot sex on their way to a happily-ever-after.
Misa can be found on Twitter (@MisaBuckley) or at her website (www.misabuckley.com)

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