Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Eeep, I haven't blogged on my own blog for a while, have I? Hello! I hope you've been enjoying all the guest posts.

So, why have I been scarce? Well, I set myself a pretty heavy schedule of editing after churning out over 100K last year. And then things came up. Most of January and the beginning of February were spent polishing up my YA supernatural novella from NaNoWriMo and submitting it. I've had three rejections. My decopunk superhero story, my SciFi romance romance Tethered, and my cyberpunk short. My editor raised issues over my SciFi romance novella from the Venus Ascendant series. Currently the decopunk is subbed elsewhere, I have a request for Tethered, and I'm considering self publishing the cyberpunk. My paranormal short got the thumbs up from my editor, and is currently in edits. I've almost finished the winter solstice SF romance I want to release in November, although it has crept over the planned 10K and I'm still adding to it. Keir is STILL unavailable at this time. Still on the list for completion is an Easter SFR, a sequel to Terms & Conditions Apply, and a novel length sequel to my short story Imprint from the Tales from the SFR Brigade anthology. No wonder I haven't had time to blog!

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