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Spring Fling Blog Hop - Pippa's Post

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I adore spring. I love the change in weather from cold to warm, seeing the first flowers and leaves start to bud, and the sun spending a little longer in the sky each day as we move out of winter. And I see it as a time of new beginnings, of change for the better, for the first signs of new life. So while the seasons may not play a huge part in my stories, the idea of new beginnings do--especially new or first love.

Terms & Conditions Apply is a scifi romance set on a space station, so no seasons there. But my young female MC finds one part of her life is over as a new one begins...

Marie jerked her gaze up to meet that of the man before her, then reassessed her first thought. This was no normal man. Although the impossibly deep, almost indigo blue of his eyes held her, she noted the silvery sheen of his skintight one-piece with the logo VASA at the shoulder that marked him as one of Venus Ascendant’s subsidiary avatars. Her distress at Jaisen’s message had no doubt sparked the AI into an immediate response—that kind of emotional hit on its empathic sensors wouldn’t have been missed, although it was probably equivalent to no more than a poke in the eye. For Marie, it was like someone carving out her heart with a blunt instrument.
“No intention of mine,” she snapped. 
Not now. Not ever!                             
“Perhaps I can be of service?”
Marie stared at him…at it. She’d heard about the VA avatars but never been so close to one. She’d learned from the space station’s blurb that the main AI took the form of a young Indian woman called Ganesa, spoken of with as much reverence as the bronze-cast deity behind her. This particular avatar had been crafted into a ruggedly handsome, if stereotypically human, male. Thick blond hair left a shade too long framed his face perfectly; darker brows arched over eyes the most glorious shade of deep blue she’d ever seen. He was broad shouldered and athletic, and the thin, snug-fitting one-piece in gray outlined the well-defined musculature of his torso in a way no doubt intended to draw attention and tease the imagination of potential clients. A shapely hint of what lay beneath without full disclosure, like the metallic foil used to cover chocolate treats. Also a complete contrast to the man she’d hoped to see, and all too perfect to be real.
“I don’t need your service, thank you very much.” She jumped up and tried to shove past him, but the dense composition of an avatar meant she only jarred her arm and had to sidle past in an embarrassingly servile fashion. He made no attempt to stop her, and she headed blindly down the nearest access corridor.


The Prize

I'm giving one lucky winner this fabulous red nebula necklace if you leave me your email address in the comments (you can use the format name at email dot com, but entries will only be counted if an address is supplied and the question answered) and tell me the most romantic place in the universe for you, be it real, imaginary or from your favourite book. Open internationally.

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  1. Thanks for a great giveaway!!!!! I can't wait to read your book!

  2. This looks great. I'll be getting me a copy.

  3. evacaye gmail com

    Most romantic place in the universe: Cabana on the beach!

  4. Most romantic place for me is Scotland.


  5. Wow! Thanks for taking part in the hop. The most romantic place for me is the lake where I met my husband in Hampshire :) He did try to dunk me so maybe it isn't *that* romantic... ~ Sam

  6. There are a few authors that I really like that have taken tours of the castles in to me that would be so romantic because the pics they have posted are amazing.

    Thanks for being in this blog hop!

    angelheart618 (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. Most romantic place: My dream spot is a round, castle tower room, with skins and a roar fire. Running down a curving staircase to a trail through the heather moor to the beach sounds perfect.
    Thanks for asking, Pippa!
    laurelwanrow AT gmail DOT com

  8. Hands down, Majorca Spain. The beach, sun, beautiful coastline, it's just gorgeous.


  9. My romantic place is the beach, if dreaming...fiji.

    Thanks for participating.
    Kris simondex68@gmail dot com

  10. Italy is the most romantic place for me.
    magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

  11. The most romantic place for me,... Paris. =)

    Thank you for this giveaway! =)

    I hope you have a great week!

    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

  12. Oh I have to say the most romantic place in the world would have to be somewhere on the beach... Hubby and I did a Marriage Retreat when he was in the Marines... It was in the outterbanks of NC... It was like our own little tropical island, we had our own hut and there was waterfalls and a pond, wildlife and plus it had its own private beach.. To this day I remember the fun we had reconnecting and how beautiful it was... That to me is the most romantic place on earth.

  13. The most romantic place in the universe for me would be somewhere in Australia where nature is undisturbed. Being able to venture and see some of those gorgeous places shown in Crocodile Dundee films would be so gorgeous and romantic to me. There are so many other fictional places that would be so romantic to visit, but too many to choose from! Thanks for being a part of the hop!
    jessangil at gmail dot com

  14. The most romantic place I've been to has to be the Tuscan hills of Italy. The air is warm and balmy, the hills beautiful and nothing more romantic than picnicking near Roman ruins. :) viki.lyn.romance at gmail dot com

  15. The most romantic place in the universe for me is a mountain cabin. Secluded, fire place, nature, quiet.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway. I love finding new authors to read. Fingers crossed to win.

    Happy Spring!

    skeeterlee63 @

  16. Ive always wanted to go to ireland. Ive seen pictures and heard from family thats visited. It seems so beautiful and romantic there! Id love to have a picnic and just enjoy all that lush greenness! :P Thank you for sharing and for the awesome giveaway!

  17. This contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who stopped by! Winner for my contest will be announced tomorrow.


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