Thursday, 1 May 2014

Happy Beltane 2014!

Since today traditionally marks the beginning of summer, it seemed an appropriate point to sum up the year so far, and what lies ahead. After a tempestuous start, things turned around quite radically. 2014 has so far been the year of the edits, with me cranking up only around 15K on the new words side. However...

My YA paranormal romance Restless in Peaceville, and my SciFi romance Tethered have both been through copy edits, and are now in the queue for line edits. As yet I've no official release date (unofficially it could be any time from July), no cover art, and the blurbs still require edits. I can't wait to share these with you!

Keir is still being edited for re-release. I'm sorry - with everything else happening right now my personal deadline on this just keeps moving. All I can promise us that it *will* be this year, with book two releasing either late this year or early next. In the meantime, to celebrate what would have been Keir's second book birthday I'll be running a giveaway on Goodreads for my last two print editions. I believe you can still buy print editions on Amazon, although I don't think there's many left.

My decopunk superhero story Darkfall (working title) received a rejection as I wrote this post, but since I have a request on it elsewhere I'm not the slightest disheartened (well, maybe just a tiny bit. But rejection is part of the business. You accept it, you move on). I'm currently trying to write a separate superhero short for an anthology call from Breathless Press, although I'm not sure I'll make the word count or the deadline.

My Halloween-themed sweet paranormal romance short is still with my editor Dani. The title is a secret until the cover reveal, and the story will release in October.

Everything else is still a WIP.

On the other side...

The Brenda Novak Online Auction starts later today, and I have a special Keir gift set as part of the SFR Brigade sponsored category. You can check out all the space-related goodies HERE, or click on the button top right-hand side bar.

On the 8th May I'll be attending a Women in Scifi panel up in London, with two of my fave authors speaking - Jaine Fenn and Janet Edwards. The event is FREE to attend - you can read about the event and get tickets HERE (if there are any left). So excited!

And also on the 8th, I'll be celebrating 21 years of marriage to my first love (in spirit, at least. We have a day booked to celebrate properly). This means I will now have been married for half my lifetime. Wow!

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