Monday, 30 June 2014

Going ZIPLESS! Guest post by @DianeDooley #rocker #romance #giveaway

Hiya, everyone! Diane Dooley here to tell you a little about my latest release.

Despite the several careers I’ve already had and despite being in my forties, what I really, really want to be when I grow up is a rock star. It may be a little too late for me, but being that one of my careers is ‘writer,’ I have the privilege of being able to live vicariously through my characters.

The result of my dashed dreams of rockstarism is ZIPLESS, a rock ‘n roll romance--Scottish style.

Wanna meet some of the crew?

Lou: is the manager. More comfortable in Doc Martens than stiletto heels, she’s a bossy, controlling, loving, hard-working, ambitious little Scots-Italian from Glasgow. She named the band Guyville, much to the horror of the guys, who think that makes them sound like a boy band. She also makes them perform the songs she writes. They’re still horribly traumatized from their lone performance of ‘The Bloody Rag,’ Lou’s anguished condemnation of period pain and the price of tampons. Still, they can’t help but love her.

Paolo: is the pretty boy lead guitarist and Lou’s adored baby brother. He fell in love with a little Aussie groupie called Banshee after the Scunthorpe gig and he hasn’t been the same since. A little Goth Yoko Ono in black eye makeup, she insists on accompanying the band on their trip to New York City, where they’ve been booked for a performance on a hugely influential network TV show. Her influence on Paolo is putting stress on the band.

Bluto: is a big lovable drunken lug of a man and the band’s lead singer and rhythm guitarist. It’s his first time out of the UK and he’s gone and fallen head over heels in love with all of New York City’s pretty ladies. Yes, every single one of them.  He’s the peacemaker in the band, and with his attention distracted by all the American beauty on display, things are starting to fall apart.

Zippy: is formerly known as Crash Burns, flamboyant lead guitarist of seminal L.A. glampunk band, Snakebite. They disbanded years ago and, unrecognizable without his trademark makeup and leather thong, Lou taps the tattooed aging hipster for a stress-relieving one night stand. Before they know it, they’re writing impassioned songs about each other, Lou can’t stop thinking about him, and the Zipster decides he ain’t any woman’s one night stand. 

There’s also the reggae-obsessed bassist, Alasdair, master of the incredible sulk, and the perennially intoxicated drummer, Chiz, whose love of women in uniforms might prove to be his undoing. Each will meet very different fates in New York City.

Will Lou be able to pull it all together and get the band ready for their shot at the bigtime? Will she ever tell Zippy her real name? Will Banshee steal Paolo from the band? Just how much do Glaswegian rockers drink, anyway? The answer to these questions and more are in ZIPLESS,  a raunchy, liquored-up comedy of errors.

I’m giving away an e-copy to one of Pippa’s readers. To enter, just tell me the name of your favorite band. 

Thanks for having me Pippa!

About The Author: Born in the Channel Islands, raised in Scotland, and now resident in the U.S., Diane Dooley  is an author, an editor, a voracious reader, and a geek of intergalactic proportions.  You can follow her shenanigans on her Blog, Twitter or Facebook

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