Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Tuesday Teaser - Steel & Shadow by Angelique Voisen #NA #romancefantasy #giveaway

Tuesday Teaser: Steel & Shadow now available #NA #romancefantasy

Charlene Ixeria is a half-blood born to a family of supernatural hunters tasked with protecting a city plagued by The Veil, a shadow that twists and corrupts anything it touches.

Aside from the constant need to prove that she’s as capable as the rest of her pure-blooded kin, she’s also torn between two choices. Charlie can’t deny her growing feelings towards Marcus, her arrogant hunting captain who’s haunted by demons of his own. She’s also confused by her conflicting attraction to Gabrielle, a hauntingly mysterious creature who only holds questions and no answers.

Despite her personal problems, her starving city is on the verge of chaos and everything around her is dying- including the woods the hunters rely on for the city’s food supplies. All the answers may lie in The Veil. But which is more harrowing, the journey there or the secrets kept by those she love?

The girl was faced with a dilemma. She could either succumb to death, or be the instrument of death. Safe for now behind a crumbling pillar, Charlene Ixeria took deep breaths and tried to slow her heartbeats. If Charlie was truly a huntress, an Ixeria of The Gifted Families, she shouldn’t be afraid of the dark, but the dark had pressed down on her on all sides.

She had never been this far down into the family crypts. Beneath the sprawling grounds of the Grimwood Courtyard, the ancestral home of the Ixeria was freezing cold. The chill seeped through her brown, practice novice uniform and down her skin, raising goose bumps.

Flickering torches hung ten feet apart casting dim illumination and creating shadows.
A sudden darting shadow nearly made her scream, but it was only a rat. Although Charlie could not hear the queer and quiet movement of the creature hunting her, she knew it was there. She could imagine it raising its misshapen face to the air as it sniffed her out, separating her scent from the recent dead. Soon, it would smell the corpse by her feet and then smell her…


Steel & Shadow, the first book in a new NA fantasy romance trilogy is now available from Secret Cravings Publishing HERE. For writing links and more updates about Angel’s books, visit her blog at: www.angelvoisen.blogspot.com


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