Saturday, 9 August 2014

The SFR Brigade Presents #2 - The plot thickens... #scifi #romance

Welcome to another The SFR Brigade Presents, and I'm continuing with Tethered this week. After the bewildering news that she's being assigned the role of co-delegate (read the previous snippet HERE), Tyree is getting some details about why an assassin is suddenly playing at diplomacy...

Several members of the council tsked at her insolence. G'vorek smiled, deepening the vast collection of wrinkles on his thin, seamed face. Like the other ancients, the charcoal black of his skin had faded to gray, giving him a stone-like appearance.
"Your skills are many, and you are perfect for this role," M'roc continued.
"Perhaps you should explain the situation more thoroughly," G'vorek said, his voice like layers of slate sliding over one another.
M'roc clasped her gnarled hands and threw her co-councilor an exasperated glare before looking back at Tyree. "I was about to. The Terrans are once more negotiating their centennial peace treaty with the Tier-vane."
Tyree waved a hand, dismissing the news as unimportant.
"Perhaps you'd be less indifferent if I told you there have been three assassination attempts on the co-delegates? According to tradition, once the delegates on both sides have been chosen, no others may substitute. It would be taken as a sign of deception. An attempt at trickery."

"I didn't know that," Tyree murmured, but she was more interested in the revelation about the assassination attempts. Whoever had committed those attacks couldn't have been Inc-Su. It would never have taken three tries, and all of them failures. If it had—and it would be a first in their history—was that why she was being assigned? Somehow three Inc-Su had failed, and now they were sending her?

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