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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Wonderland Party Time - #giveaway

Right now my publisher is having a Facebook party to celebrate the release of their Wonderland series of stories. Here are the details:

18 + Adults only please. Join Breathless Press authors as they celebrate. Every half hour starting at 4:30 pm Mountain Standard Time there will be author giveaways, 12 authors total. 

Ivy Bateman - 4:30-5pm (MST)
Shelli Rosewarn -5-5:30pm (MST)
Monica Schroeder - 5:30- 6pm (MST)
Gayl Taylor - 6- 6:30pm (MST)
Kelliea Ashley 6:30-7pm (MST)
Sheri Velarde 7-7:30pm (MST)
Jo March Hosted by Sheri - 7:30-8pm (MST)
Jen Bradlee - 8-8:30pm (MST)
Mia Aeon-Epsilon 8:30-9pm (MST)
Torie James 9-9:30pm (MST)
Rebekah Lewis (posting as Victoria Miller) 9:30-10pm (MST)
Brantwijn Serrah 10-10:30pm (MST)

Go HERE to join the fun!

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