Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Upcoming - #Reveals, #Releases & More!

It feels like a non-stop rollercoaster of excitement since Tethered released at the end of July, followed by Restless In Peaceville in August, and now rushing toward my October release. Wow. But there's even more in the next month.

Blog Tour! The tour and giveaway for Restless is winding down. You can still visit and enter the rafflecopter by clicking on any of the links below, or there's a bonus giveaway at Aussie Owned and Read on the 26th. The rafflecopter is open until the end of September. PLUS, I received news that Restless will be coming out in PRINT! No date yet, but I'm anticipating 2015.

1st - Dana's YA Bookpile (interview)
3rd - Winter Bayne (Adorable Zombies)
4th - Mark of the Stars (The Appeal of Zombies)
5th - Paranormal Reads (excerpt)
6th - Rachel Leigh Smith (5 Facts about Restless In Peaceville)
8th - Liana Brooks (How To Date A Zombie)
9th - Rise of the Slush (excerpt)
11th - Cassandra Page (excerpt)
11th - Ryan Hill (interview)
12th - Celia Breslin (10 Facts you might not know about Zombies)
14th - An Author's Quest (review)
14th - My Creative Desk (Five Research Resources)
15th - Everyday Fangirl Why Teen TV Shows Rock
17th - Going from Nobody to Somebody (character interview)
17th - Kyndra Hatch (review)
26th - Aussie Owned and Read (interview)

Exclusive cover reveal at The Galaxy Express! I'll finally be showing off my cover for my November release--superhero romance When Dark Falls--this Friday!

Cover reveal! On the 1st October, my fabulous blog hosts listed below will be hosting the cover for my October release--a Halloween-themed paranormal romance short. Want to get a sneak early peek a day before anyone else? Sign up to my no-spam newsletter HERE. Visit any of the blogs listed to enter the international giveaway for a pentagram necklace and six jasmine-scented glitter candles. The rafflecopter is open for the whole of October.

Liza O'Connor (plus review)

News! Except I can't tell you it yet, bwahahaa! Stay tuned for an announcement.

October sees the start of Scream! For the Cure, a charity event where bundles of books and goodies will be auctioned off for a cancer charity. Check out the website HERE for details.
Visit the LRC yahoo group on the 14th October for Witches, Warlocks and Wizards where I'll be sharing an excerpt from my Halloween release, and there'll be lots of fun and giveaways.
Also Embrace Your Madness Facebook Party HERE on the 25th October for giveaways and fun. Unfortunately I'm away at BristolCon, but a copy of my Halloween release will be given away during the party.

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