Wednesday, 10 September 2014

#Zombies on tour continues #YA #paranormal #giveaway

There's actually no tour stop today, but that's a good opportunity to go back and check out the posts so far (and enter that giveaway!)

Zombie Heart Pendant

Tour dates (September):

1st - Dana's YA Bookpile (interview)
3rd - Winter Bayne (Adorable Zombies)
4th - Mark of the Stars (The Appeal of Zombies)
5th - Paranormal Reads (excerpt)
6th - Rachel Leigh Smith (5 Facts about Restless In Peaceville)
8th - Liana Brooks (How To Date A Zombie)
9th - Rise of the Slush (excerpt)
11th - Cassandra Page (excerpt)
11th - Ryan Hill (interview)
12th - Celia Breslin (10 Facts you might not know about Zombies)
14th - An Author's Quest (review)
14th - My Creative Desk (Five Research Resources)
15th - Everyday Fangirl Why Teen TV Shows Rock
17th - Going from Nobody to Somebody (character interview)
17th - Kyndra Hatch (review)
18th - YA Readers America
26th - Aussie Owned and Read (interview)

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