Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Read Only Wednesday - The Anomaly Trilogy Boxed Set by @AnnaHackett

One of my 2015 goals is to get back into a regular reading habit. So I thought I'd start with some things I read over the Christmas holiday.


A woman honed in revenge and hunted for her ability to steal time finds her life depends on the man sent to kill her. On a mission deep in the wilds of Indonesia, a fiery mind raider joins forces with a dark, powerful man who is more lethal than anyone she has faced before. After being kidnapped and forced to kill, a soul stealer is left with a deadly addiction to killing and on an island sanctuary only one man calms the storm inside her. Enter the action-packed and deadly world of the anomalies: humans with extraordinary abilities that leave them hunted by criminals, governments and armies. 

Includes a bonus short story, Salvation: do bad guys deserve a second chance? Two survivors will stand side-by-side to escape a dangerous laboratory and discover a scorching passion…and terrible secrets that could drive them apart. 

The Anomaly Trilogy: Action romance (paranormal / science fiction romance) 
Length: 90,000 words 

Book 1: Time Thief 
Book 2: Mind Raider 
Book 3: Soul Stealer 
Bonus short story: Salvation

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