Saturday, 31 January 2015

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Welcome to another #sffsat snippet. And oops! I appear to have missed last week. But I'm back this week, continuing with my heroine's fall to what would be a messy end after she spent a moment too long in the villain's secret lair. The second skin that grants her a certain vulnerability and that she can extend to make wings has been too damaged to save her. And she has regrets...

I should have left with what I had...
And now she was plummeting to her death for the sake of a moment's curiosity. A cold calm flowed over her. The tattered remnants of her canopy flapped wildly in the wind. The ground sped toward her. Certain death.

And so Dark wins. Fury blazed in her heart at the thought. No. Never. She shrugged the folds back in. Shortened them. She couldn't repair the damage, but she could use the shorter length to glide, to slow her down and minimize the impact. Maybe. Anything would help.

Will her plan save her? I guess maybe you'll find out next week. ;)
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  1. Never give up! Good to see she's still fighting. Something tells me it'll be a very short novel if she fails, so I have this suspicion that in some way, shape or form she will survive.

  2. Some great early lines - "I should have left with what I had" - is that a Rolling Stone's song? Plummeting to her death for the sake of curiosity - who hasn't been there? Looking forward to watching her put the plan into action - Gliding on tattered wings - isn't that a Taylor Swift song? Okay - I'm done.

  3. It's always good to keep a cool head in a moment like that. Glad to see she may not die.

  4. I love ingenious heroines!
    Will "anything" help??

  5. "Fear accompanies the possibility of death. Calm shepherds its certainty."


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