Saturday, 7 February 2015

#ScienceFiction #Fantasy Saturday 76 - Spread Your Wings #UF

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Welcome to another #sffsat snippet, and the last featuring When Dark Falls for a while. I'm continuing with my heroine's fall to what would be a messy end after she spent a moment too long in the villain's secret lair. The second skin that grants her a certain vulnerability and that she can extend to make wings has been damaged. But she has a plan...

She extended her arms with the shorter folds. There were still holes, but not as bad as the main canopy. The wind caught the leathery wings and slowed her. Still not enough. She angled herself, trying to change her headlong plummet into a wide spiral. The ground was still coming up too fast. She mentally steeled herself for the impact, and wrapped her arms and loose skin around herself at the last instant.
The ground hit. Pain slammed into her, and tossed her across the tarmac like a wind-driven rag. Smacked into her head and knocked all feeling into oblivion.

And that is where I'm going to leave you! Bwahahaa! If you enjoyed that, you can check out more about the book via any of the links below the book cover at the top of this post. 
But while I have you here, I have a favour to ask (yup, you thought you'd get away!). The cover to When Dark Falls (and for three other of my covers) are up at the Houston Bay RWA Judge a Book by its Cover contest, and I'd really appreciate your votes if you have the time and inclination. I'd like to get both my cover artists recognized for their stunning work. Please click on the image below to go to the main page. I have one cover in Young Adult and three in the Science Fiction/Fantasy/Paranormal category. The votes are done by scoring so you *can* vote for all four. Thanks in advance!

In the meantime, why not visit the other participants by clicking on the banner below? Next week I'll be back with my undead YA romance, Restless In Peaceville. 


  1. Ouch!! I like the phrase 'pain slammed into her' - very evocative. I hope she survives... ;-)

  2. I liked that you used the word tarmac - made a great visual of her coming in like a damaged plane. I liked the wind-driven rag detail too. Cool snippet.

  3. That's where you're leaving us? You evil, evil woman! ;)

    I like the sense of dread this snippet gave me while reading it. Nicely done.


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