Saturday, 14 February 2015

#ScienceFiction #Fantasy Saturday 77 - Cajun #Zombie Problems

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Welcome to another #sffsat snippet, and Happy Valentine's Day! To celebrate, I'm posting something DEAD romantic from my YA zombie novella, Restless In Peaceville. Did you see what I did there? Zombies? Dead romantic? Oh, never mind... :P 
But since my adorable zombies have just come out in gloriously gory print and bearing in mind the date, I thought I'd share a more romantic moment from the story. Here, my two teen zombies have just evaded the supernatural hunter who likes to put the undead to permanent rest. Having done a heroic deed by standing between Annabelle and the bullet meant to finish her off,  Luke begins to think perhaps this whole being undead thing isn't so bad after all...

She's still smiling at me. Hell, girls have never smiled at me, except when they were laughing at me. Maybe this being dead ain't so bad. I lean forward. I don't know what I'm doing, but I want to try this. What's the worst that can happen?
So I kiss her. I don't know what it's meant to be like, but I've imagined it often enough. Dreamed about it sometimes. Her lips are cold, but they're soft and she doesn't pull away. Instead her arms go round my neck and she pulls me closer. And for a few minutes I forget that we're both dead and there's a big black shadow and a madman after us, and that we've no idea how to get out of this. Because Annabelle is kissing me, and suddenly that's all that matters for the next five minutes of my death.

Awww! Aren't they cute?! My editor thought so, anyway. If you'd like more, you can check out the book at any of the links below the book cover, and you can now pick it up in print as well as ebook format. In the meantime, why not check out the other participants in this week's round of sffsat by clicking on the banner below?


  1. Yes, they're cute, and what about the madman?

    1. Mad men can wait - it's his first kiss!

  2. Who cares about the madman? How often do moments of love occur between zombies? Savor the moment. That's what I'd do.

    1. Yup, he's already had to die to get his first kiss. :P


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