Saturday, 28 February 2015

#ScienceFiction #Fantasy Saturday 78 - Cajun #Zombie Problems

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Hello, and welcome to another #sffsat snippet. I missed last week due to the death of my beloved smartphone just as my three monsters were home for the half term holidays - eep! So that was pretty much all my social media interaction out the window for nine days. O.o
So, last time I left you with a first kiss for my two adorable zombies. This time it's far less romantic. Knocked out cold during a supernatural squirmish, Luke has a rude awakening: a hungry gator attracted by the traditional aroma of zombie - rotting flesh!

I can hear the frogs. Above me, the moon is so fiercely white and full, it hurts my eyes. It's also jerking across the sky between the branches of the cypress like someone's hauling on the leash of a disobedient hound. I frown at it, and then realize it ain't the moon moving. It's me. Something's got a hold of my leg and is dragging me along.
Glancing down sets me yelling. A gator has my right ankle in its jaws as it pulls me down to the river. A small one as alligators go and probably why he hasn't dug himself a hole in the mud to hibernate. I guess he's planning to stick me under a log until I rot and tenderize a little more. But I ain't planning to end up in his stomach. Not when I might still be conscious all the way through digestion.
I twist and latch onto a nearby tree. I'm so slick with mud that sheer strength and bloody minded stubbornness are all that keep me clinging on. 

Gee, who'd be a zombie in swampy Louisiana?! If you enjoyed that, you can check out more by clicking on any of the links under the book cover at the top of this post. Also, today (28th February) is also the very last day to enter the Goodreads giveaway for a signed print edition of Restless In Peaceville (you can now buy the paperback from Amazon, or get a better deal direct from my publisher Lycaon Press or The Book Depository).

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  1. Ouch! The disadvantage of being a zombie. I like your line about "a disobedient hound" - lovely simile.

  2. I've seen an alligator in a swamp.
    Do chunks fall off?

    1. Chunks of what? Zombie? Luke is still relatively fresh so he's not up to the bits dropping off stage just yet. :P


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