Tuesday, 24 February 2015

#Tuesday Teaser - Zombie Girl: Dead Awakened #YA #dystopia #zombies

With the cover reveal tomorrow (or you can get a sneak peek at it later today by signing up to my newsletter HERE), I thought I'd share a little excerpt from Zombie Girl: Dead Awakened with you today.

Connor crawled out of bed. He stank. He hadn't showered or changed in days. The only thing that got him up was the growling in his stomach, and the inability to sleep 24/7. The food replicator wouldn't give him alcohol or any kind of medication. Somehow the whole city conspired to keep him alive.
He shuffled into the kitchen and ordered a triple shot espresso. If he was going to be awake, he might as well do it properly. Cup in hand, he wandered out onto the rooftop and leaned against the balcony.
Then the call sign from the door downstairs buzzed and his heart jumped up his throat. What the hell? Connor held his breath, listening.
Only the wind through the city answered him.
He must have imagined it.
He really was going mad.
Then it buzzed again, unmistakable. He dropped his coffee and staggered toward the elevator, his legs stiff. Someone wanted to come in. Someone else must be alive. He wasn't alone!
The elevator didn't move fast enough. He willed it down with everything he had, tapping his fingers on the wall. What if the zombies got to them first? What if they gave up and left?
Connor barely gave the doors a chance to open before he forced himself through and rushed to the door. At the last instant, he hesitated and peered through the window first.
There was a zombie outside the window, staring in.

Zombie Girl: Dead Awakened is the first part of a YA dystopian trilogy, releasing 22nd April 2015 from Lycaon Press. Add it to your Goodreads TBR list HERE, or sign up to my newsletter or Amazon page for release day notification. 

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  1. Good to hear of another zombie girl joining the crowd! Good luck!


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