Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Of Endings and New Beginnings

Today should have been release day for Zombie Girl: Dead Awakened. Okay, technically it has still gone live HERE, but I'm not sure I see the point of pushing it when it'll be back down in a few days and I have no current plans to re-release it any time soon. So if you wanted to snag it for rarity value, feel free. Well, it's not free but you know what I mean...

I've already blogged about the closure of Breathless Press over at Spacefreighters Lounge yesterday, and it's still too painful to hash over again. Suffice to say it broke my heart and every time I read a post, tweet or comment about it I want to cry.

But life goes on and I'm not going to quit over another set back. I lost TWO publishers at the start of last year, and though it dropped me down into despair and had me seriously considering if it was time to quit, I persevered and my year turned around. I did it once, so I can damn well do it again.

My books will gradually come down from retailers and the Breathless Press site over the next few days, with full closure/removal by the 1st of May. So, not a sales pitch I ever wanted to make but if you had any of my BP/LP books on your to-read list, you need to grab them now or wait for me to re-release them. I can't give you a date on that, but hopefully by the end of June at the latest. Tethered and Restless In Peaceville will have to wait for new covers (with thanks to the ever awesome Danielle Fine), while all will need some internal changes. No Angel and When Dark Falls will come with the artwork from my publisher, but I've requested the logos be removed and since other authors are requesting their art and any required changes, it might take the artists some time to do them all. Then there's the joy of formatting and uploading to go. :P

I have to thank Breathless Press - its owner, staff and authors - for an awesome year. You've been wonderful, and though we all plan to stay connected, the loss of BP is huge. I especially want to thank Justyn Perry for doing his best for his authors even now when it must be killing him to have to close his business. He's been amazing, and I can't express how much I appreciate it.

In the meantime, Keir will still be releasing, and my publishing schedule will be updated in the next few weeks. I will be totally self published from now on, other than one book I have with Champagne Books (Gethyon) so things may come out a little slower, but they will still come.

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One final announcement. This is my 800th post, and possibly my last (I have a guest post going up next Monday, but this will be my last personal post) since I'll also be closing this blog on the 1st of May. While I've had my own blog since 2009 (though it's had a name change and changes in appearance) I feel it's becoming redundant, and losing my main publisher has only emphasized that feeling. Since I blog at Spacefreighters Lounge, Romancing the Genres, and the SFR Brigade, I'm not giving up blogging entirely - I'm sure you'll hear more than enough from me. But at the very least this site needs a major overhaul, and I'm going to be understandably busy elsewhere for the near future. So, we'll see. Thank you for reading all my posts here and being part of my journey from aspiring to published to being a multi-published, award-winning author. You all rock, and I couldn't have done it without you.

Pippa Jay xx

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