Monday, 7 September 2015

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Ta dah! Yes, I'm baaaack, and so is my blog with a little bit of a revamp. What do you think of the new banner? Once again, that's the stellar work of my editor and cover artist Danielle Fine. You should go check her out! The banner is part of a shiny poster Dani has created for me for BristolCon on the 26th September, a mere 19 days from now. Eeep! I'm not ready!!
I've also tidied things up with some technical help from Laurel Kriegler too. Hopefully it all looks a bit less cluttered.

If you happen to be coming to BristolCon on the 26th September, I'll be in the dealers room with fellow Brigader Misa Buckley, and we will have print books. Yup! And possibly chocolate. In terms of my books, I will have:
Keir, Restless In Peaceville, Tethered, and (hopefully) When Dark Falls. I'll also have a handful of books by other Brigaders, plus a print edition of the Brigade anthology Tales from the SFR Brigade for you to glance through, and some printed samples of my non-print titles, especially my short stories. Plus there will be goodies included in those! And they're free. Worth picking one up, no? ;) Then I'll be in Room 2 @ 7pm as part of a panel on reboots. It's my first panel, and my first time public speaking years.

Today is the last day to grab any of my books at All Romance eBooks HERE with a 30% rebate. If you're after a particular title, you can find a direct link to each under the book covers in the sidebars.

So what have I done since I closed my blog to the public and took a seven week break from social media too? Well...

I won Camp NaNoWriMo by writing the rough drafts for a space opera short and a superhero short. The former is intended for a scifi romance anthology due out next year, while the superhero short is due in by the end of the year for another anthology featuring strong female superheroes. The former is already with an editor to polish it up before pre-submission, an unusual step for me.

Keir's Fall is in edits, and I finally dusted off and cranked open book three of the Redemption series - currently under the working title of Shadowcast - to begin self edits. Boy, does it need a lot of work! Bearing in mind I wrote it some three years ago when I was still very much a novice and only just published...

I'm looking set to release Keir's Fall by the end of the year, and hope to release the second Venus Ascendant story - Revived - this time a novella. This will now have to be after November as part of the contest rules for the Rebecca, in which the story is a finalist. It won't feature the characters from Terms & Conditions Apply other than a couple being mentioned and making a fleeting appearance in this second story. For those disappointed not to pick back up with Marie and Soren, there will be another VA book continuing their story - promise! I'm also working on a side story for Keir and Quin set between the two books of the main Redemption series...

Over the summer, I did a lot of reading, and made sure to review all the books I read and enjoyed. You can see them all HERE. I also posted on my Tumblr blog HERE about the customization of a Monster High doll into my hero Keir, then another into my heroine Quin, with the last reveal set to happen in three weeks. BUT, if you're at BristolCon, you'll get to see my two character dolls in the flesh, so to speak.

At the end of this week, my futuristic urban fantasy short - No Angel - will be absolutely and totally (and legally) FREE to download from Amazon for the 11th and 12th of September.

A Futuristic UF Short
Goodreads | Available from...
Amazon (inc KU)
On the 2nd September I got notification that my second and longer Venus Ascendant story - working title Revived - became a 2015 LERA Rebecca finalist. Woo hoo! This was my third year entering and first to final, and with one of my more SF heavy stories. I'm also pleased to be sharing a finalist's badge with fellow Brigader and debut author Lea Kirk. That's two SFRs, two Brigaders in the final. I'm excited to hear the winner announcement, due 7th November.

As always, if you want to stay up to date with my latest releases, but feel following the blog, or even signing up to my newsletter might be a bit overwhelming, you can always follow me on my Amazon author page HERE. This will just notify you when a new book is out (though I've noticed it usually takes a week). The newsletter will give you a more instant update, plus the latest top news, giveaways, events, etc. And of course here on the blog, you get to hear it all. :P (Or you can check me and my four fellow SFR authors out at Spacefreighters Lounge for even more books and SFR news, or at Romancing the Genres for a plethora of romance authors).

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