Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Tuesday #Teaser - By the Sea by Kat McIntyre #paranormal #romance


I pressed my lips together, trying not to laugh. He looked so frustrated and perfectly serious, and yet here we were talking about his missing seal pelt. A snort flew past my lips. The floodgates burst and I hunched over, my shoulders shaking with laughter. He stared at me, annoyed.
“Sorry, I’m sorry.” I gasped for breath. “It’s just—the mental image of you shouldering a pelt, pretending to be a seal was too much.”
He crossed his arms over his chest and waited for my laughter to die down. “It doesn’t work that way, you know.” He sniffed like a wounded puppy.
I took in several deep breaths and forced my composure. “How does it work?”
“Our pelt is how we transform back and forth. If we don’t have our pelt, we can never return to the sea—it’s a part of you forever gone. For those of us who choose to live on land, your pelt is something you never part with.”
The tide crashed all around us with the sway of the ocean like a lullaby. I slumped, letting go of my knees. Everything about him was honest, from his slight frown to the way his eyebrows furrowed together. And yet here he was babbling about selkies, seals, and things that couldn’t exist.  The same way my therapist had told me that Niall didn’t exist.  I drew in a deep breath. If this was how living free of delusions was going to be, doubting myself at every turn, skating on the surface and keeping people at a distance—I didn’t want it any more.
I wanted to believe in myself. I wanted that wonder and hope I’d had as a kid that something greater existed out there. Most of all, I wanted Niall to be real—so desperately my chest ached.
“You don’t believe a word I’m saying.” Niall said, wariness evident in his gaze. He traced circles on the wooden pier.
The choice lay out for me. Stay on land, or plunge into the icy depths of the sea.
I always chose the sea.

Most kids had imaginary friends, but most weren’t like Megan’s friend Niall. There were rules: only at night and only by the sea. She could’ve sworn he was real, but when someone vanishes without a trace, what else can you believe?

All that was seven years ago, buried in the past until Niall shows up in town with his tight swimmer’s body and easy smile. For Megan, just the sight of him is enough to tear open a scar that never fully healed. However, their reunion only elicits more questions. Niall’s keeping secrets, unbelievable ones, and as Megan delves into the supernatural depths of who he really is, she’s sure he’ll vanish again.

Megan’s not stupid—she knows how bad it’ll hurt if she gets involved. The first time Niall disappeared, she never thought she’d recover. But the moment they lock eyes, it’s too late—because Megan will go to any length to see that boy smile.

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