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Tuesday Tuesday - Glyphs of Power by Callie Bourde #scifi #romance #excerpt

Abstract Meditative Art Shop, Jump Station Rho

Tap, tap, tap. Tap, tap. Hearing the quiet raps on the shop door, Daa grinned at her assistant. Pitching her voice so the person knocking would hear her, she said, "Kall'Ia! I hear a knock! Who could it be? Can't they see the CLOSED sign?"
Kall'Ia played along. "Perhaps not... I understand there are D'Ur'Uma onstation and everyone knows they have poor reading comprehension."
"I heard that! I brought food since I knew you two were working late, but I guess I'll take it home..."
Kall'Ia swung the door open and without missing a beat, Gaala continued... "And don't even say a word about reading comprehension. What species fabricated paper? The D'Ur'Uma! What species introduced the most widely used universal alphabet? The D'Ur'Uma! What species concocted laa'te?" On her last sentence, she vigorously waved the take-out bag she held.
Gaala had the classic golden D'Ur'Uma coloring — skin, hair, and eyes. Her long hair was loosely twisted into a knot on the top of her head. Today she had three kn'itting needles of varying sizes sprouting haphazardly out of the twist. Daa and Kall'Ia had been keeping a running total. Neither of them had seen Gaala without kn'itting needles, and so far, the top number had been seven. To be fair, that had been on a day when Gaala was teaching a large class from a visiting cruise ship.
Daa often thought about what a wonderful opportunity the Artists in Residence program offered for the different species in the Galaxia Alia to work together.
Gaala was D'Ur'Uma and she, Daa, was LuWin with blue hair, eyes, and skin.
Her assistant, Kall'Ia was Hreid. Kall'Ia had the expected large frame with small scales running the typical female blend from orange to red. Daa thought she looked like a living flame. Her dark hair was styled in tribal dreadlocks and she wore a single woman's clan bar across her pierced brow ridge.
The Hreid were the dominant species in the L'Empori Imperium, the prime enemies of the Galaxia Alia. Not surprisingly, there were few of them in the Galaxia Alia, so Kall'Ia got many sideways glances. Because of that, Kall’Ia was worried about the cruise passengers. They'd discussed it and Kall'Ia had planned a strategy to use if it was an issue.
The reality was, Hreid were few and far between, many Galaxia Alia citizens feared them, and if she wanted to become an AMA sanctioned artist, it was a problem she'd be dealing with often. Daa knew that Kall'Ia's family had been citizens of the Galaxia Alia for several generations before the last conflict with the Imperium, but that wouldn't stop ignorant people from making ill-informed assumptions.
Now, Kall'Ia snatched the bag before the laa'te spilled. The newcomer swung to face Daa, hands on hips. "All I can say is, with a name like yours... DAA'See... you should be more respectful."

Book Description

Artist in Residence Series, Galaxia Alia
Readers who love Tales of the Citadel, Terran Times Second Wave, and Mechanical Advantage will enjoy the unique universe of the Galaxia Alia, its resourceful females, and sexy males...

Glyphs of Power
Commander Balum Kiz has a BIG problem to solve involving Jump Point technology. He’s not an engineer or a physicist, he’s an archaeologist. Now it looks like Artist DaaSee Noor holds the key.

Available exclusively to buy via Amazon and to borrow for free via Kindle Unlimited at https://www.amazon.com/Glyphs-Power-Book-Galaxia-Alia-ebook/dp/B01G7LCNS2

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