Monday, 8 August 2016

The Big Fat #Kobo Fail: Short Version

I'm supposed to be in the middle of my seven week social media break, but I've had to come back to make an important announcement. Kobo have failed to pay me royalties since April of this year despite numerous emails, broken promises to pay, silences, and worthless apologies. So from today I will be removing my titles from the Kobo site. I apologize for any inconvenience to my readers, but I refuse to allow Kobo to continue to profit from my titles - pittance though it is - while failing to pay me money owed.
If you need a Kobo version (epub), you can find them at All Romance eBooks/Omnilit, and Smashwords, or you may even be able to use the Nook version which is also an epub file (maybe check using one of my free stories first though, 'k?).
If at any point I decide to return to Kobo it will most likely be via Draft2Digital who will take their cut on top of Kobo but will at least ensure Kobo are forced to pay me each month instead of when/if the hell they feel like it. I'll blog about it in more detail when I'm not supposed to be on holiday.
Be excellent to each other. Pippa Jay signing off.


  1. I'm glad I don't use Kobo. That's disgraceful.

    1. I kept hoping they'd really become THE alternative and decent competition for Amazon, but they keep screwing up. I've had it with them.

  2. What what what? I've never heard of this bad behavior! Thanks for the info and I hope things work out well. :(


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