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This is my stop during the blog tour for Here Comes the Witch by Ani Gonzalez. This blog tour is organized by Lola's Blog Tours. The blog tour runs from 7 till 20 September. You can see the tour schedule here.

Please tell us a bit about yourself: I write paranormal romance and cozy mystery. These are my favorite genres because I’m a folklore and mythology fanatic and I love ghosts stories and quirky towns. The books in my first series, Banshee Creek, are romantic comedies set in America’s Most Haunted town, and they feature regular people finding love and magic with a little (sometimes a lot!) supernatural help. My new cozy mystery series, Main Street Witches, follows the town’snew witchy residents as they heat things up with even more magic, romance and mystery.

Tell us about Here Comes The Witch: Jewelry designer Kat Ramos comes to Banshee Creek to break the infamous Hagen House curse. To do so she must marry Liam Hagen, embrace her witchy heritage, and solve a centuries-old murder. Will she be able to do it, or will the infamous Hagen House Curse lead to her death?

What inspired you to write this particular story? This story (and the whole series) was very much inspired by the television show, Charmed. I’ve been a lifelong fan.

Please share a favourite snippet from your book
Sure. This is what happens when Kat arrives at the Hagen House:
"Did you hear that?" he asked. "It sounded like a car."
"What?" The kiss had left a warm afterglow that made it difficult to focus.
An oddly familiar noise reached her ears, an odd choking sound like a car motor dying a slow painful death. The metallic groan woke her up. The glutinously warm, happy feeling faded away, and she pulled away from Liam and ran toward the door.
A small yellowish-gray car was speeding down the road at an impressive speed. It was old, it was fast, and it was her car.
The house had carjacked her baby? How?
"I'm calling the police," Liam said, grabbing his phone.
Kat ran out of the house, racing after her vehicle and cursing under her breath. Not her car. Why did it have to be her car?
She watched in disbelief as the yellow hatchback braked and made a left turn onto Main Street, ignoring the frantic honking of the vehicles around it.
What the…?
She slowed down, unable to keep up her jog in the heels she was wearing. She turned and saw Liam's truck backing out of the driveway of the Hagen House. He was driving to pick her up.
The sun was setting and the oak trees cast a shadow over the building's facade. The house, which had seemed so welcoming a few minutes ago, now seemed dark and uninviting. Liam had left the lights on and the house seemed to glare balefully at her.
Kat glared back.
The stupid house had messed with her car. This wasn't a business arrangement anymore.
This was personal.

Which comes first for you – a character's looks, personality or name?: Personality comes first. Kat, for example is smart and strong-willed with a protective streak. She doesn’t let anything (curse, ghost, whatever) stand between her and those she loves.

Any tips for aspiring authors?: Write what you love. It will take some work (particularly if you don’t luck out and hit a trend), but eventually you’ll find people who love your stories as much as you do.

Questions for fun:
If you had the power of time travel, is there anything you would go back and change? Why/why not?: I’ve read/watched a lot of time travel stories so I would change something small so as to not affect history/my life too much. Thus, I would go back in time and talk myself out of selling our vintage sports car. It was old and impractical and broke down all the time, but we loved it. That was a bad decision, and changing it wouldn’t cause major havoc (but I would have a vintage car!)  Pretty much all my books have some kind of quirky vintage/old automobile in them, and that’s because I’m still mourning our old deathtrap.

What super-power would you choose?: I’d love te be able to breathe underwater. I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid.

If you could have three wishes, what would they be?: A completed first draft of the fifth Banshee Creek book (secret baby!), a leather bound collection of Agatha Christie mysteries, and world peace.
Coffee, tea or wine?: Constant Comment tea or prosecco.

What is your favourite book? (aside from one of your own!): Agatha Christie’s The Hollow. I know it’s not one of her more famous works, but I love the English countryside setting, the eccentric family, and the faerytale vibe.

Favourite genre and why?: I’m torn between paranormal romance and cozy mystery. That’s why I wrote a paranormal cozy mystery with a strong romance plot.

Favourite colour?: Purple.

Upcoming news and plans for the future?: More Main Street Witches books. The next book in the series, Fortune Favors the Witch will be out in October. It features a spunky fortune teller who has to solve a murder and clear up her reputation.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us!

Here Comes the WitchHere Comes The Witch (Main Street Witches #1)
by Ani Gonzalez
Genre: Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Age category: Adult
Release Date: 7 September, 2016
Buy Links: 
Amazon UK:

Jewelry designer Kat Ramos has come to Banshee Creek to break the famous Hagen House curse and, in order to do that, she must marry Liam Hagen. A vengeful ghost with a deadly history isn’t part of the deal, and neither is love. Will Kat be able to handle both? Or will the mystery of the cursed Hagen House remain unsolved?

You can find Here Comes The Witch on Goodreads

Ani GonzalezAbout the Author:
I write paranormal romantic comedy and cozy mystery (whew, that's a mouthful!) set in Banshee Creek, Virginia, The Most Haunted Town in the USA. My books feature feisty funny heroines dealing with a host of paranormal critters (ghosts, cryptids, pagan gods...the sky's the limit) and mysteries. They find magic, love and laughter and readers get to follow them every step of the way.

I love quirky towns with spooky stories, and, thanks to my books, I get to "live" in one year-around. In real life I live in a Minneapolis suburb (which is sadly lacking in ghosts) with my husband and three children and I'm still trying to adjust to the cold.

You can find and contact Ani here:
- Website
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