Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Don't Feel Blue - Go Blue! #Authors4ALSA #ThinkBlue4ALSA

May is always a marvellous month for me - the final traces of winter are being swept away, and I celebrate two anniversaries: my wedding day and my debut as an author.
But this year I get to do something extra awesome as well, and so can you...

Looking for Blue skies and smooth sailing to cure ALS
May is ALS Awareness Month and twelve sci-fi/paranormal/time-travel romance authors will be donating 25% of their May book sales to the National ALS Association (including me)! Help us raise money to support the ALSA in their mission to provide care for ALS patients and continue their research to find a cure for this heinous disease.

Look for these hashtags on Twitter to find and help support our efforts:


Find more information and links to all the participating authors and their books on the landing page (Lea’s site):

Or check out the Blue Book Cover Brigade Team Page on the ALSA Site (where you can also find more information on the condition, the association and their work, and more ways you could help):
ALSA Twitter: https://twitter.com/napaALSride
ALSA Facebook Group:  https://www.facebook.com/RidetoDefeatALS/?hc_location=group

Psst, if you buy any of my other blue cover books (like Gethyon, Keir's Fall, or Reboot, I'll add that money to my donation too). Happy reading, and may all your skies be blue!

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