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My blog is open to guest posts, blog tours and interviews. Members of the SFR Brigade are always welcome, but I do accept most speculative fiction, YA and/or romance (but absolutely no - nonfiction, contemporary, thriller, crime, religious, political or historical fiction UNLESS they heavily involve speculative fiction elements (SF, paranormal, fantasy etc.). I'm not a huge fan of horror but will host it under the spec fic umbrella). However, as of 2014 I no longer accept any erotica posts or titles (other than those by previous guests on my blog whose work I'm familiar with) and I cannot have any explicit content as my blog is open to all ages due to my YA titles. You must also own the rights to use any images you submit. Also take careful not of the terms and conditions at the end of this page regarding other restrictions.
Please also note - I don't do reviews for book releases/tours or by request, unless I am very familiar with/a fan of a particular author's work, or have already read the ARC or pre-submission draft, and then only if time allows.

Blog tour posts can be anything from just a Book/Author Spotlight with your cover, blurb, and links up to a guest post with excerpt, blurb and any links, plus giveaways. See the options below.

I offer two types of standard interview, run every Monday as Meet the Author

1. A basic format that allows you to talk more about your book and add excerpts, which you can view, copy and paste from here.

2. A longer set of questions with a choice in the 'fun' section, which you can view, copy and paste from here. 

If you download one of the interviews please don't adjust or make up questions of your own (alterations of those kind will result in the interview being deleted). Leave blank any you'd prefer not to answer. If you'd like to do an interview of your own characters, I will also accept those but I don't offer to come up with questions myself. Or you could do a discussion with them, or a deleted scene and why it didn't make the final version. If you need ideas for posts, please feel free to check out a post I did on topic suggestions HERE

Or I run a set guest post feature on Thursdays (though I can move this to accommodate tours if needed):

These can be on writing, topics related to your book(s) (such as research, world building, inspiration, technology etc), social media, book marketing, and scifi/sfr related items, which are preferred. These can include your author or professional bio, up to five social media links, and/or a blurb, cover and up to three buy links for either the book your post relates to or your latest release. Additional promo items such as book trailers are open to discussion depending on the length and content of your guest post. Ideally I'd like it in the 500-1000 range in total. Anything over than this I may ask you to edit down, or I will remove items at my discretion.

Or you can do your five favourite things for Friday Five:
This can be five of anything - your favourite food, films, music, books etc or maybe five music tracks that inspired/reflect your book, five characters, five elements in your story - anything you like, plus the usual cover, blurb, bio etc as per guest posts.

Please note - I don't generally accept posts at weekends due to the SFR Brigade Showcase. (I will make exceptions for previous guests or for those who've hosted me during my tours).

To take part in any of these please check for available dates in the Google Calendar featured below, or if in doubt email me at pippajaygreen (at) Gmail (dot) com. I will need posts by the end of the Thursday the week before your post is due to go live, or you will lose your slot. I do generally send out a reminder, but if I haven't received it by the Friday I won't be able to get it set up before the live date as I don't work weekends.

IMPORTANT! - I do not accept posts from freelance writers in exchange for payment or the placement of any kind of advertising or links back to any kind of business, service, or sales site. I do not accept interviews or posts from authors of non-fiction unless the book relates to writing, or the use of social media, marketing or promotion in the publishing industry. Please take careful note of the genres I do and don't host - I only accept posts for books I think my audience might be interested in and that interest me. I do not review books by request. You must own the rights to any images you want included in your post. You can link to Goodreads/LibraryThing giveaways, books available on NetGalley, Rafflecopter, Instafreebie, newsletters etc, but no Patreon, Indiegogo, Kickstarter, KindleScout, Thunderclap or similar. Please be sure to include all the information you want in the post and not just links to it - I won't go hunting for the information.

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  1. Hello, Pippa.

    We spoke recently, via email, and you posted my interview at SFR Brigade. Thank you.

    I'd like to post something on your website around the middle of March. It will be about my WIPs, both of them sci-fis--an NA novel and YA novella. Included in the post will be excerpts and some of the science in the news behind them.

    Let me know when and how to best post.

    Susan (S.B.K. Burns)


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