Saturday, 4 June 2016

Another Milestone on the Publishing Path #amwriting #ampublishing

Today marks another milestone in my publishing career. Four years and nearly one month after my debut novel was first released, I no longer have a publisher. My last contract ended yesterday. I am now fully self published, for the time being at least.
Because it doesn't mean I'll never submit to another publisher. I'm still keeping that as an option if I see a submission call I like. I'm happy to do both. In truth, if it wasn't for losing Breathless Press last year, I'd still be happily contracting longer works while self publishing my short stories. But alas, that was not to be.
So what happens now? Well, Gethyon has been in edits for the last few months (along with several other pieces) and I already have a new cover bookmarked. It's having a complete revamp. I had hoped to be able to re-release as soon as the contract ended, but real life and too many other projects have held me up. I am hoping to have it back out in ebook and finally print in time for me to take copies to BristolCon at the end of October this year.
Say goodbye to this cover!
Meanwhile I have book three for Keir scheduled as 2017. And that's all I'm going to promise, since real life stuff is taking more and more of a chunk out of the writing time I have. I plan to go back to a full time job. As of yet I've no date fixed for that, but it's coming. I'm still working on the side story in the Redemption series that I'd originally planned to release in May (and didn't. It's a big horrible mess) and on a second Venus Ascendant story, plus still writing the winter SFR which I now think is more a winter SF mystery rather than a romance. Stay tuned!


  1. Congratulations (?) on not having a publisher. I've been at list long enough to remember the days when having a publisher was a great thing; when one (only one!) of my books sold 100K without my having to lift a finger.
    Sigh. I miss those days.

    1. Goodness. I haven't even sold 10K with all mine put together. Sigh.

  2. After that one book, life events/editor moves/agent death intervened and I published one book in 12 years. When I got serious again 5 years ago, I started over from scratch. Since then I doubt I've sold 5k all together ... which was my point. This is the best of times to be a writer, but it's also the worst.

    1. I added up and I've hit just over 3000 (although about 600 ish were freebies when I was in KU). It's definitely an interesting time to be an author, with lots of options, but damn, it's hard work getting those sales.


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