Saturday, 20 March 2021

New Book, New Chooks! #scifi #romance #chickens

 Today is a doubly exciting day! Nearly six months after the edits were finally completed, Lost Serenity officially releases today. Woo hoo! And I'm sorry. Sorry for the long wait, but also for this book. Because if I've done my job well, this story will rip you to pieces and leave you on a cliff-hanger until book three...

How could a moment's anger destroy so much happiness?

It is a question that will haunt him. When an old enemy comes to Kasha-Asor to kidnap their daughter, armed with a weapon that could end everything, Keir is forced to leave an injured Quin on Lyagnius. But his quest for a cure and their missing daughter will come at a terrible cost.

Book #2.5 of the Redemption series. Releases 20th March, 2021. Click here for purchase links.

Trigger warning: the loss of a child.

But that's not the only excitement today. Because today I finally have three new girls joining my much diminished flock of feathered fiends. I haven't quite decided on names yet, but these little cuties will mean no more buying eggs in winter, as well as being cute and beautiful editions.

Happy Spring Equinox!

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