Tuesday, 21 December 2010

All I want for Christmas is ...

... well, pretty much everything I'm going to list here! I made the big mistake on Saturday of starting to look up scifi Christmas gifts and decorations to post on my Facebook page, and found myself compiling my own wish-list. So, I'm going to post my top ten from the drool-worthy gadgets and gizmos that I found, knowing that I'm not likely to find a single one of these under the tree this year. :(

Number 1 - Star Trek Tricorder iPhone 3G Hard Case.
OK, I don't even have an iPhone, but if I did, then this is the case for me!

Number 2 - ST: Make It Sew! Mug
Not on my list as such, but my husband laughed so hard when he saw this that I had to include it for the amusement factor.

Number 3 - Tribot Cufflinks
For him or for her - no sexism on this page! Although not any specific scifi, I love the industrial/steam punk look of these. A touch on the pricey side though.

Number 4 - Polished Stainless Wing Earrings

OK, OK, slightly sexist - earrings! And not exactly scifi either, but again, there is the general feel of it. And I can imagine any of my characters wearing these!

Number 5 - Doctor Who Classic Series Eleven Doctors Box Set

Again, too expensive when I have three children to buy for, and who would happily rip open the box to play with these (aaarrrrggghhhh! - collectors' worst nightmare!)

Number 6 - Farscape - The Definitive Collection + The Peacekeeper Wars [DVD]
My husband and I promised ourselves this set as our Christmas present, but it hasn't worked out that way. sigh. Ah well, maybe next year.

Number 7 - Five Sci-Fi Children's Books

Sadly, these are mock-ups and not real titles - click on the link above to see the other four. But if anyone did manage to produce and print these, they would definitely be on my shopping list.

Number 8 - Real-life Tron Lightcycle

Now, this really is entering the realms of the highly unlikely. Yes, you can buy this. For real. But at a limited edition run of 5, with a price tag of $55,000, (plus the small matter of this not fitting under my tree at 8ft long!) it'll remain something to dream of.

Number 9 - 'Trust me I'm a Jedi' Hoodie
This may be a little too geeky, even for me. And I think it's a bit expensive for what it is. But still ...

Number 10 - A lightsaber

This links to a website for a very talented person who makes them. These are as much a work of art as they are a piece of technology, and I've dreamt of having one since I first saw Star Wars at the age of seven. I'll still be dreaming on for a few years yet ...

There are so many other desirable things I'd like to add, but I've limited myself to ten of the best. And these are in no particular order either. So what are you hoping to find under the tree this year? Or have I just added to your list?

May all your Christmas wishes come true. :)

NB. All items listed on this page are copyrighted to the owner/maker/store marketing them and may not be copied without permission. I am in no way endorsing or recommending any of the products on this page.

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