Sunday, 13 February 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #13

Hi all, and welcome to another six! A huge thanks to everyone who stopped by last week and extra sprinkles to those who commented. Please read and enjoy another snippet from Seekers of the Nine, then stop by the other super Six Sunday crew-members here!

Edric tried to lever his eyes open. They felt as heavy as the rest of his body, as though he lay deep beneath the sands of Pyrecium. Panic surfaced at the thought: the memory of a childhood prank where Aaron and his companions had pinned him down outside the enclave, tied his wrists and shoveled handfuls of damp sand over him until he was completely buried. They had poked a straw into his mouth to allow him to breathe, and then left him alone, out in the desert where a skrit could come at any moment and yank him into its voracious maw. It had been sheer luck that a herd of chellies came snuffling in his grave, no doubt scenting the packet of selcus that he had hidden in his shirt and that had sparked the initial conflict. Coated in course sand that had crept and chafed into every crease of his skin, damp with chellie drool and draped in shame, he had snuck back to his father's chambers to shower away the evidence.

(Skrit - sand-dwelling giant squid. Chellie - chelonian quadruped, something like a rhino. Selcus - succulent pod-shaped leaves. Pyrecium - desert planet.)

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