Sunday, 13 March 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #17

Welcome to another six sentences this Sunday! I'm continuing with Quin and Darion's first meeting in corporeal form after Darion has spent decades as an Eidar: a sentient form of energy. Read, enjoy, and then I urge you to seek out the other Sixes here!

It sounded more like something from a horror story than a romantic tale. Darion had tried to save Solar for her sake, even though it would have meant losing her love, and when that failed he had taken what would seem a logical step for two divided lovers. He had taken possession of the human, preserving what he could of Solar while also giving himself a physical form that would allow him to be with Quin. He had given up his immortality, the endless power of the Eidar – for love of her.
And yet, it was too much for her to accept. She could only see Solar standing there, speaking with Solar’s voice, even as her mind told her it was Darion’s soul that gazed from those green eyes, that it was Darion’s desire that stirred the heart within that body now.
Quin placed her hands over her face and sobbed.

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  1. Wow, how intense! I want to give the poor woman a hug. Amazing six!

  2. Breaks my heart! I'm sorry for both of them.

  3. Oh, that's powerful. I feel how horrible her loss must be, but my heart breaks for Darian who tried to do what's right, only to add to her grief. Heart-wrenching.

    Love the character name Solar.

  4. So intriguing! Excellent 6!


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