Saturday, 28 May 2011


Hello, and welcome to the very first SFFS posting - a blog ring of writers showcasing snippets of their speculative fiction best! Read, hopefully enjoy, and then comment at will. Better yet, join up yourself on the Science Fiction Fantasy blog here

This snippet is taken from a fantasy I'm currently working on called Merciful Darkness. Darcy is a daimon-hunter called in to rid a village of a dark daimon taking refuge in their religious sanctuary.

The only light in the Sanctum slunk down from the bell tower above and revealed little. The interior reeked. Darcy drew a slim silver blade from a sheath at her waist and held it close. From the smell, if the human host wasn’t already dead, it would have been a close run thing even without her intervention.
Sister … The greeting crawled through her mind and down her spine, followed by a shiver. The voice was pure malevolence tinted with dark magic.

Want to join? Check out the blog here for details on how to take part, and to find the links to the other participants. :)

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