Saturday, 4 June 2011


 Welcome to another SFFS post and feel free to comment. I'm continuing with Merciful Darkness from last week, as Darcy confronts a dark daimon in the Sanctum. Just a note - Darcy is herself half-daimon - human with a daimon soul, so her opponent has just greeted her as 'sister.'

“You’re no sibling of mine,” she replied, holding her voice neutral. 
Off-key laughter echoed back. “All daimon-kind are kin, even those born to galesh.
Darcy kept her silence. Always the same; taunts first, an attempt at trickery before resorting to a fight. And even though the daimon’s use of the slang term for humans, a slur on her tainted heritage, caused her a fleeting splinter of pain in a heart almost frozen, it was an old wound. One scarred over if never healed.

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