Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Inspirations - Scifi/fantasy Series Part 2

So, continuing with the scifi and fantasy series that inspired me to write in the first place and the upcoming new ones that encourage me, here are the next four. Enjoy!

5.Red Dwarf. Although this is more comedy than scifi, it has to be on my list. All four main characters have some of the worst and most extreme character flaws ever, added to that the fact that only one is actually (barely) human - a cat that's evolved, an android, the last human being alive and a hologram of one of the dead crew, all aboard a mining vessel piloted by an artificial intelligence called Holly who has the mental 'IQ of 12000 traffic wardens.' The series follows their misadventures through space, and occasionally time as they try to return to Earth after three million years lost out in space. The clip is from a 'dream recorder' and features the Cat.

6.Primeval. Probably one of the lesser known series, and temporarily axed when ITV ran out of money to make it. Thankfully the BBC agreed to help fund it (makes my TV licence even more worthwhile!). 'Stealing' my idea of gateways through time and space (oh, wait, that was Stargate too ... ), a mismatched team originally comprising a Professor of Paleontology and his big-game hunting assistant, a nerdy conspiracy-theory student, a 'lizard girl' from a wildlife park, and a reluctant couple of civil servants, they track down anomalies that lead to Earth's prehistoric past. My kids adore this series, so it makes for one of the few times of family viewing where we all sit quiet and watch!

7.Merlin. This is probably the most recent newcomer to my list. At first I was a little wary - 'oh, no, not another remake of the King Arthur legend, sigh' - but it does a fabulous job of it, with a twist. It follows the story of a young Merlin, new to his powers and trying to survive under the ruling of Arthur's father, Uther, who had banned all magic and executes anyone even suspected of witchcraft. Prince Arthur is an ass, even if a rather handsome, gallant one, and Merlin is a soft-hearted fool. The best thing is my daughter loves it too. :)

8.The Sarah Jane Adventures. Okay, okay, I know this one was really intended for kids, but again it's something I can watch with mine and for me it harkens back to the early days of Doctor Who before they revamped it with all the mushy stuff that gets in the way of the stories these days. Also, it starred my favourite companion, the first one not there solely to make the Doctor look good and to scream in all the right places. Sarah Jane had spunk and spirit! Sadly, the actress who played her - Elisabeth Sladen - passed away from cancer earlier in the year. Sarah Jane Smith was companion (briefly) to the dandy third Doctor Jon Pertwee, and then to the eccentric fourth incarnation Tom Baker. The new Doctors have made guest appearances in some of the Sarah Jane Adventures. No longer travelling in the TARDIS, Sarah Jane nevertheless continued to battle aliens intending to conquer the Earth, with the aid of two young side-kicks, an artificially created boy genius that she adopts as her son, K-9 and an alien super-computer.

So what are your top scifi or fantasy series?

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