Friday, 6 January 2012

New Year, New Challenges.

So, we're only a few days into the New Year, and already I have new things on the go. An idea that grabbed my muse on Christmas Day (a strictly 'no writing' family only day!) has refused to let me rest. Already I'm 11K into something I think could hit the 30K mark, and a somewhat hotter romance than I ever thought I'd dare to write. I even have a blurb for it! I spent about two minutes writing it, and then put it into the SFR Brigade Pitch Contest. A little rash, but at least I'll get an idea of the amount of interest it might draw. And whether I'm any good at writing a blurb off the cuff when I don't even have the story half written. Eeeek!
Also, in a moment of madness, I volunteered to be the Calendar Coordinator for the SFR Brigade. I think I was testing out that saying of 'if you want something done, give it to a busy person', lol. I'll find out how true that is in the near future, no doubt.
Of course, what I should be doing is working on Keir's sequel, but I'm putting that off until the kids are all back at school (which doesn't happen until the 9th) so that I have time alone to really concentrate. Well, that's my excuse and I'm clinging to it. In the meantime, I'm already putting together things for Keir's release even though that doesn't happen until the 7th May. I have some names and places jotted down, an interview and a couple of blog posts arranged. I've designed my bookmarks and business cards. I've some pretties ordered for a potential swag bag, and a few sneaky plans for promotion. A few people have been generous in offering their time or facilities to help with that - to you all, a huge thank you. It's much appreciated.
I should also be finishing the scifi short - one of Quin's early adventures - which I promised myself I would have up on Amazon in the New Year. Well, technically I still have another 11 months to get that done, but I was kind of hoping to get it done sooner. Damn my muse and her wild ideas!
In the meantime, there's plenty happening this month. I'm doing one guest post with the lovely Liana Brooks, and have two fellow sfr authors guesting here (Sandra Sookoo on the 13th with her sfr FRACTURED and Jessica E.Subject with her latest scifi release on the 31st). I'm going to continue with my sixsunday and sffsat postings. And with the SFR Brigade Calendar to coordinate as well, that should be enough to keep me out of mischief. Maybe... :-P

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