Sunday, 8 January 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #43

Hello! Welcome to another #sixsunday post, and huge thanks to those who stop by and comment each week. I'm continuing with my sfr story this week - still locked in the dungeon - but skipping ahead slightly to give you a better look at Keir's new companion. I don't think he's very impressed...

She turned toward him, her gaze skipping across his hiding place as she lifted her lamp higher--the strange light a wand of white fire clenched in one hand. She had a slim, elfin face with steel-gray eyes, a small nose wrinkled by a slight frown of irritation, and translucent skin dusted with freckles. Pretty, in a strange way, perhaps, but not beautiful. The color of her hair alone marked her as an oddity. Was that the reason the Corizi had taken her prisoner? She seemed too frail a thing to justify sharing his punishment.

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