Monday, 30 January 2012

Update 30/01/2012

Despite the majority of the edits on Keir being done (I've just had the MS back from my editor for a final read through after the line edits, with a pat on the back!), this year has started with a blast. In the last month alone I've had a series of guest posts, and done a couple myself. I signed up as the SFR Brigade Calendar Coordinator, got promoted to Deck Officer on the blog (and put my first post up there on Saturday!) and then received a very flattering invite to join the crew of Spacefreighters Lounge here. So even as Keir wings it's way off to go to galley, I'm not being idle. My inaugural post at Spacefreighters Lounge will go up on Wednesday. If you have any SFR related events coming up - a book release, signing, blog hop etc, please send me the details and I'll make sure it goes up on the Calendar so that all the SFR Brigade members can see it. Either e-mail me at pippajaygreen(at)gmail(dot)com, message me via the SFR Brigade website, or even tweet me a link @pippajaygreen.

In the meantime I'm still working on the sequel to Keir - Lost Serenity - in the hope that my publisher will want to sign it. I also have a rough draft of Tethered done (I know it says it's only 89.something % complete on my word meter, but the basic structure is there), a scifi short almost complete for self-publishing, and I'm waiting for news on two submissions of an sfr short and a scifi novella. I've also got two MSs coming my way to critique read that I'm really excited about! I've already been planning out the book tour for Keir's release, and you can see some of the dates and places listed in the 'Upcoming Events 2012' page. Having said that I'm no good at coming up with blog posts, the necessity of doing so seems to have sparked off a few. Long may that flash of inspiration continue!

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