Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Addicted to BuddyPoke

If you haven't heard about these, then I'm just going to look completely crazy. Hmmm, maybe rephrase that - crazier? BuddyPoke is an app on Facebook for creating the cutest little avatars/cartoon characters EVER! I'm afraid to say I've been having far too much fun playing with them. In some respects I'm not very artistic - I certainly can't draw my own characters, not to the degree I'd like to. So this has given me the opportunity to bring them partially to life.
So, meet Keir ...
...and Quin
Or at least close approximation of them. Sadly you can only have one per Facebook profile (yes, I have two. I write under a pseudonym, so one account is for family and close friends, and the other for all the awesome writer peeps I know). But what I didn't know at first is that they can interact!

So here are my two MCs admiring the stars
and, well, let's just say it's not all watching the stars...
This is Tyree, a Su assassin and my latest creation, the MC from Tethered.
And Gethyon from my scifi novella of the same name.

Have you ever used an app to bring your characters to life? Are you more artistically gifted than me and sketch them out? Or do you just find images that come a close second to what you can see in your head?


  1. I use eLouai sometimes, though I usually go off photos (or a combination of actors)

    1. Not heard of eLouia but will check it out. I have photos too. :-)

  2. I love BuddyPoke app a lot <3 I also do basic BP animation <3

  3. I love BuddyPoke app a lot <3 I also do basic BP animation <3


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