Sunday, 18 March 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #48

Hi and welcome to another #sixsunday post. All visits and comments are much appreciated. I'm continuing with my science fiction romance Keir and his reasons for for believing his feelings toward someone were dishonourable might now be explained...

How would she react if she knew? How could he even think she might feel the same for him? Someone who was not even human. Someone descended from the creature that had destroyed everything she had loved - her own words. Bitter disappointment and guilt swamped him at the depth of his desire. What he wanted was impossible and it was madness to think otherwise.

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  1. That six alone would make me want to read the book, even if I had never read anything else. A fabulous choice! :)

  2. Madness! That certainly describes the man in the picture. 49 days! 49 days!

  3. Wow. So much packed into this snippet. Wonderful.

  4. Aw, but he can and should dream! Great snippet!

  5. yep, very interesting... thanks for sharing! :-)

  6. This story has come a long way since the first time I saw it. Congratulations.
    (By the way, I'm here--just didn't count right.)

  7. This is available now, right? RIGHT?! Please say yes!

    1. Oh, I WISH I could say yes! 49 days still to go.

  8. Powerful emotions, interesting conflict. Can't wait to read the whole thing:)

  9. Now I'm really looking forward to reading Keir ... to see what you've done to it! Knowing where this comes from, this is quite a shift (in my perspective) from what I've read previously - and I like it.


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