Monday, 23 April 2012

Are you ready? Keir is coming...

So this morning I woke to find this pretty waiting in my inbox. What a way to greet Monday! My totally awesome and fabulous publisher made this banner for me, and I'm blown away. It's gorgeous. Not only is it gorgeous, but it's up on the Lyrical Press site here. Did I mention how much I love my publisher? Renee Rocco's cover designs were one of the (many) deciding factors when I chose Lyrical Press to submit to, and when I see something like this it just confirms my choice absolutely. 

Just two weeks from today, Keir will be out. My book will be available to buy. I'm so excited and yet a little nervous. Will people like it? Will they enjoy it? I really hope so. One reason I write is because I want to share the stories in my head with the world, and I hope that even just a handful of people get some enjoyment from them too. 

Keir is coming. Are you ready? :)

Tour dates and places

May 1st-14th
1st - guest post on Writing Demons into Science Fiction with Chantal Halpin
2nd - guest post on Casting Keir with Lauri Owen and interview on the TBR blog
3rd- guest post on Tattoos at Kerrianne Coombes blog
4th - guest post on Time-Travel with Gayle Ramage
5th - SFFSat
6th - SSS
7th - official release day on this blog and announcement on SFR Brigade blog.
8th - interview up at The Galaxy Express and guest post on Naming Keir at Layna Pimentel's blog.
9th - guest post on why Keir is oh so blue on the Spacefreighters Lounge and guest post on Falling into SFR at Backward Momentum
10th - guest post with Misa Buckley on Doctor Who
11th - guest posts with Kaye Manro on Science Fiction with a Medieval Twist and Laurel Kriegler on the Origins of Quin
12th - SFFSat
13th - SSS
14th - guest post with Liana Brooks on Red Hair and an interview with Jessica Subject

15th - The draw will take place for all the prizes offered on the tour and winners will be notified.


  1. I like the added tagline - "He's coming. Are you ready?'

    Good luck with the tour, book, etc. :D


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