Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Keir Book Tour - Winners and Acknowledgements

And so, the tour is over and it's back to normality. Using Random.org and assigning all the participants a number, I have drawn the winners from all the stops on the tour. So:

For an ebook copy of Keir: Liz Culver, Jessica Subject, Lauri Owen, Laurel Kriegler, Donna Frelick, DL Jackson, JC Cassels, Shelley Munro, wyndwhisper and Cheryl Corbin
For the grand prize: AKJ Tigger
For the $10 Amazon Gift Card: Chantal Halpin, Dragonflywords, Alix Cameron, and marybelle

Congrats to you all, and I hope you enjoy your prizes. Thanks for joining the tour. :)

So, there are several people I need to thank, for helping to make all this possible.

My friends and family, who coped with the insanity and offered their support and encouragement. Especially to my BFF Lauri Owen who held my hand through so much of it, and encouraged me even when I felt it was a lost cause. Also to David Clayton and Nicky Dawson, who both read the early drafts and enthused about them, and to Laurel Kriegler, Amy Rose Davis, Jacki Stanley Page, Andra Jones, Aubrey Haskill, David Hargis and Ian Peaston for too many kindnesses to mention.
To the members of fictionation.org - fellow students and writers - and my Spacefreighters Lounge co-bloggers.
To all my hosts on the tour for having me, and getting the posts up on the day after being sent them much too far in advance due to my planning OCD. :-P Chantal Halpin, Kerrianne Coombes, Gayle Ramage, Lyndi Alexander, Misa Buckley, Lauri Owen, Sonya Clark, Jessica Subject, the TBR blog, The Galaxy Express, Backward Momentum, The Masquerade Crew, Liana Brooks, Layna Pimentel, Laurel Kriegler, and Kaye Munro.
All the members of the SFR Brigade who have offered me support and encouragement, and particularly blogs to guest and promote on. Special thanks to Heather Massey of The Galaxy Express, Jessica Subject, and my Spacefreighters Lounge buddy Laurie Green.
To my sffsat buddies - you rock!
Thanks also to a bunch of people who helped promote Keir, often to my complete surprise - Gem Sivad, Rainy Kaye, Wendy Russo, Liz Culver (Fictionation), and The Masquerade Crew.
My super publisher who gave me this first shot - Lyrical Press Inc - and owner/artist Renee Rocco for the fabulous cover and banner. Also to my fantastic editor Danielle Fine for kicking my behind from one end of the manuscript to the other until it gleamed.
Anyone who has tweeted, Facebooked, 'Liked', G+'d, mentioned, read, and commented along the way. And to anyone who I may have missed out by name (for which I'm really sorry), because so many of you have contributed even in small ways.
The whole experience has been magical. Yes, it's been hard work, stressfull and exhausting too, but I'd do it all again - and hope to. See ya for the next one. :)


  1. Woohoo!!! Thank you Pippa and congrats on a sucessful tour :)

  2. Reading Keir now when I should be working! Darn you for sucking me into a great story. :) Thank you!

  3. A great tour & THANK YOU!!!

  4. Oooh, I won something?! I never win anything - thank you! And congrats on the book release and tour.
    Looking forward to reading Keir!

  5. @Chantal - you're welcome, and thank you.
    @Cheryl - whoops, sorry! :)
    @marybelle - you're welcome.
    @Liz - yes you did, and thank you. :)


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