Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Keir is a contest finalist!

On the 1st July I got notification that Keir had made it into the finals of the Readers Favorite Contest Awards here. Woo hoo! (BTW you need to scroll down a long way, past the non-fiction categories to the Romance - Fantasy/Scifi section to spot it). This is my first ever literary contest. Keir had already scored a five star review as part of the competition, which qualified it for the next stage. It means that at the very least Keir will get an Honorable Mention Award when the winners are announced in September. Of course, I'm hoping for more than that. It also got a mention on my publisher's site here. <insert big cheesy grin>

In the meantime, I'll be entering Keir into the EPIC Ebook Awards. I've already entered a WIP SFR novella into The Rebecca. With my co-bloggers on Spacefreighters Lounge being Golden Heart winners several times over, I felt inspired to try out some contests for myself, something else I've never done before. Let's hope I can add to our triumphs so far. :)

And if you're curious to know what qualified Keir for the finals, there's the chance to win an eBook copy over at Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews here. :)


  1. Woohoo! Congrats, Pippa! I hope for something grand for you in September, but if not, this is already such an accomplishment on its own! :-)

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  2. Oh well done! What great news :)

  3. Congrats. That is awesome news!

  4. That's great news!! Great work dear, Congratulation!!


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